Sony HMZ-T3W

Reviews & hands-on

  • Home Cinema 3 out of 5

    Sony HMZ-T3W personal 3D viewer review

    By 13 November 2013

    What would you say to the idea of having the equivalent of a 63ft-tall cinema screen to watch in your living room, your lounge, on a plane, pretty much anywhere you can go - even if you didn't have the physical space? If the answer is "yes please" then...

  • Gadgets

    Sony HMZ-T3W head-mounted display hands-on: wearable tech takes a turn towards madness

    By 9 September 2013

    Space is at a premium in Japan, so we can see where the inspiration for the Sony HMZ-T3W head-mounted display came from. It's a headset that beams two 720p HD screens straight to your eyes as if staring at a 750-inch screen 20-metres away. It's also bonkers...