Sony Alpha A7

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    Sony Alpha A7 review

    By 26 November 2013

    When the Sony Alpha A7 first materialised we were really rather excited. The first compact system camera with a full-frame sensor to surface in the market, it answered a question so many had been waiting for. Big sensor, small size, affordable price....

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    Sony Alpha A7: The first sample images

    By 22 November 2013

    The Sony Alpha A7 - the world’s first full-frame compact system camera - is fast approaching its release date, and Pocket-lint has been testing out a near-complete sample in the sun-kissed Caribbean. Is this a camera, complete with its affordable (for...

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    Hands-on: Sony Alpha A7 review

    By 16 October 2013

    The NEX is dead. That's right, the new Sony Alpha A7 compact system camera represents Sony's decision to push the Alpha brand forward. And it does so in style. The key feature of the A7 is that it has a full-frame sensor yet compact body, the likes of...