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    APP OF THE DAY: Sonic CD review (iPhone)

    By 21 December 2011

    Arguably the best Sonic game ever made and easily one of the least played, Sonic CD was a classic that never found its way to the mainstream. This in theory is about to change with its arrival on iOS.   But is the lack of a physical controller enough...

  • Gaming 4 out of 5

    Sonic Generations review

    By 8 November 2011

    There is a reason this review is slightly late. For years the blue hedgehog has been on a downward spiral of gaming drossdom. This led us to believe Sonic Generations would be like any other game in the Sonic series. As such, we weren't in a huge rush...

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    APP OF THE DAY: Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing review (iOS)

    By 24 June 2011

    The world's most famous hedgehog turned 20 this week. No, not Espinete - the pink hedgehog giant from Barrio Sésamo, the Spanish version of Sesame Street - we're talking the former air freshener, Sonic, of course. And despite not being as good as Mario,...

  • Online 4 out of 5

    Record now review

    By 12 April 2005

    Roxio have a long history when it comes to music software, and Record now! Is their latest ‘everything’ burner, which to put it simply, does everything that Media Player does, but looks a bit better. With Windows now looking to ship without Media...

  • Online 4 out of 5

    BackUp MyPC review

    By 5 April 2005

    Backing-up your PC is one of those mundane tasks that you generally ignore - until you have a drive fail. Generally speaking, drives last for quite a while, but can you, or your small business afford to take the chance? Windows comes with built-in backup...