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    EU considering taxing emails and SMS text messages

    By 27 May 2006

    European Union lawmakers are investigating a proposed tax on emails and mobile phone text messages as a way to fund the 25-member bloc in the future. According to The Times, a European Parliament working group is reviewing the idea, tabled by Alain Lamassoure,...

  • Hotxt to offer UK texters unlimited texting for a pound a week

    Hotxt to offer UK texters unlimited texting for a pound a week

    By 10 May 2006

    A new service has launched in the UK that hopes to do the same for text messenging as Skype did for telephone calls. Called Hotxt, the new site allows is users to send unlimited text messages to other hotxt users for £1 a week plus data charges. Aimed...

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    BT ditches Tom Baker text messages in favour of gender selection

    By 24 April 2006

    BT is to offer people sending text messages to BT landlines the choice of having them read out by a male or female voice. The new service, which is launches on 1 May will replace the voice of former Dr Who Tom Baker, which was introduced at the end of...

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    A fifth of UK mobile phone users vote in reality TV shows

    By 12 March 2006

    According to new figures out this week, Britain's are hooked on text voting when it comes to having their say in reality TV and radio shows. A recent survey has found that over a fifth of all mobile phone users in the UK voted in television or radio poll...

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    Self-destruct text messages let you stealth message

    By 12 December 2005

    A UK company has created a self-destruct text messaging service that allows you to send messages to your friends with the knowledge that the message will delete itself as soon as they've read it. Those wishing to sign up to the service can simply text...

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    Voice to Text service launches in UK

    By 15 August 2005

    A UK based company is hoping to offer mobile phone users a new voice-to-text solution that will allow them to dictate voicemail messages that are then transcribed to text and then sent via SMS or email. Callers use a dedicated premium rate telephone number...

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    UK site,, to offer I am OK SMS during disasters

    By 8 August 2005

    A UK website is offering is users the chance to text love-ones via one quick text in a case of emergency. Called - a solution that will allow users to let all their contacts know they are safe by sending just one text message. Created following...

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    Live 8 receives 2 million texts on day one

    By 7 June 2005

    Around two million text messages where sent to Live 8 organisers yesterday as music fans hoped to get one of the lucky tickets for the London event. The lottery went live at 8am and gives users the chance to win tickets to the Live 8 event, which aims...

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    Pay for your pint via SMS

    By 25 January 2005

    Next time you go down the pub, make sure you've got your mobile phone with you, as UK company i-movo who has teamed up with Inspire networks is planning on rolling out a system that will allow you to get complimentary drinks via your phone. Using I-movo's...