Skylanders Swap Force


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    Skylanders Swap Force review

    By 18 October 2013

    Skylanders: Swap Force is a game with a rich history behind it. We have to admit that back in 2011 when Activision invited us to interview Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen, the two ex-Toy Story scriptwriters who penned the first Skylanders game, Spyro's Adventure,...

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    Skylanders Swap Force Gamescom 2013 preview: Hands-on with next-gen toy fun

    By 27 August 2013

    Skylanders and Skylanders Giants have been incredibly popular with kids of all ages, more so than even Activision expected when it first took the plunge into toy manufacture, but something tells us that it hasn't even reached its peak yet. We suspect...

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    Skylanders Swap Force preview and screens

    By 18 June 2013

    Skylanders is massive. Ask any six-year-old about it and you'll never shut them up about the collectable characters. It is Pokemon for the new generation. And it's actually really fun for adults too. The third in the now annual series is Skylanders Swap...