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  • Pocket-lint is hiring

    Pocket-lint is hiring

    By 8 October 2012

    Do gadgets get your synapses firing? Does technology quicken your pulse? Do you have what it takes to be at the cutting edge of gadget reporting? Then we want to hear from you. We're looking for a contributing editor to join the Pocket-lint team. Working...

  • Pocket-lint gets new look in 2011

    Pocket-lint gets new look in 2011

    By 15 March 2011

    No, you’re not going mad – Pocket-lint has changed, getting a new lick of paint since you last visited. Out is the grey colour scheme and in is a new white one, hopefully making everything easier to read and our fantastic images “pop" out of the...

  • Pocket-lint gets new commenting system

    Pocket-lint gets new commenting system

    By 9 March 2011

    We know you like to comment, and we know that we haven’t previously made it easy to do so, so we’ve fixed that by introducing a new comment system on the site as of today. That’s right – we’ve switched over from our own system built back in...

  • New navigation for Pocket-lint - times they are a'changing

    New navigation for Pocket-lint - times they are a'changing

    By 26 August 2010

    The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that we've changed the tag shortcuts that we feature in the navigation bar; underneath the logo at the top of the site. We've done this to not only reflect where the gadget world is going, but where Pocket-lint...

  • Pocket-lint gets iPad-esque navigation

    Pocket-lint gets iPad-esque navigation

    By 30 March 2010

    With the iPad due to go on sale on Saturday 3 April in the US, and the UK launch not far behind, Pocket-lint has got a new iPad-esque navigation system in preparation. From today you'll now see two arrows either side of our content (expand your browser...

  • Welcome to 3D week on
    Home Cinema

    Welcome to 3D week on

    By 21 September 2009

    It's 3D Week at Pocket-lint! Over the next 5 days we're bringing you a plethora of articles dedicated to the technology that is on the tip of the tongue of everyone from movie producers to film goers and TV manufactures to television broadcasters. We've...

  • Site News: New look homepage

    Site News: New look homepage

    By 18 September 2009

    Wow. You guys really like the tag homepages, a lot it seems, so much so that we've now made the default homepage on Pocket-lint look like the tag homepages. While the module homepage is still alive and kicking, following feedback, usage data and a stack...

  • Site news: Photo galleries get slick

    Site news: Photo galleries get slick

    By 17 September 2009

    We like photos here at Pocket-lint, we like them a lot. That's why we've been working hard to bring a new slick feature to our photo galleries on the site, for both news and reviews stories, to save you time and improve your experience. Why should you...

  • Changes to some tag homepages and feeds
    Home Cinema

    Changes to some tag homepages and feeds

    By 28 July 2009

    As we continue to tidy up the database and make the site work better for you, we are changing the names of a handful of categories. As a result, if you are subscribed to the RSS feed it will stop working and you will have to tweak the url in your feed...

  • Access Pocket-lint on your phone

    Access Pocket-lint on your phone

    By 24 July 2009

    We know you can't get enough of Pocket-lint, but that doesn't mean when you are away from your computer you have to go without the latest gadget and technology news. The mobile version of Pocket-lint has been designed to be super mobile phone friendly,...

  • Pocket-lint London meet-up: Thanks for coming

    Pocket-lint London meet-up: Thanks for coming

    By 21 May 2009

    Pocket-linters turned out in full force on Wednesday for the first London Pocket-lint meet-up to talk gadgets and tech with the Pocket-lint team. A surprise cocktail deal at the bar managed to get the party going, with plenty of drink consumed by all...

  • Pocket-lint comments hit 10,000

    Pocket-lint comments hit 10,000

    By 20 May 2009

    We've been so busy launching new features on the site that we didn't realise that earlier in the week we smashed through the 10,000 comment marker. It's been almost a year to the day that we launched comments on Pocket-lint and judging by the numbers...

  • Pocket-lint launches 4000 homepages

    Pocket-lint launches 4000 homepages

    By 12 May 2009

    We admit it, we cover a lot at Pocket-lint, everything from cameras to phones, MP3 players to home cinema systems, so making sure you get the information that you are interested in, and none of the information that you are not, is important to us. 8 months...

  • Popular reviews

    Popular reviews

    By 24 April 2009

    Here at Pocket-lint we often get asked what's the hottest piece of kit we're playing with, well from today you can now see. Following feedback from you, the reader, we have launched yet another new feature on Pocket-lint. This time it's a new module on...

  • Pocket-lint "coming to America"

    Pocket-lint "coming to America"

    By 23 April 2009

    From June Pocket-lint will be reporting from New York, as well as London, bringing you news from America as it happens. As the world becomes smaller, and our readership bigger, we acknowledge that getting you the biggest stories as they happen means we...

  • Tools have moved

    Tools have moved

    By 20 April 2009

    "You can print any article as a PDF?" Yep, that's right, you have been able to do so for quite some time for all our news and reviews on Pocket-lint, however, it seems that some readers have found our icons to tell you about how you can share a story...

  • Pocket-lint goes mobile

    Pocket-lint goes mobile

    By 10 October 2008

    When we announced the new look Pocket-lint with all its module loveliness we said we had more things to tell you about in the future, and guess what, today is that day. Not content with bringing you all the latest news and reviews on your desktop browser,...

  • Photo news and reviews channel changes to "Cameras"

    Photo news and reviews channel changes to "Cameras"

    By 15 July 2008

    From today the "Photo" news and reviews section on Pocket-lint has been renamed "Cameras". If you are following the Photo channel on one of our many RSS feeds, have alerts set up, or have personalised your homepage to show Photo news and reviews you will...

  • Pocket-lint gets commenting

    Pocket-lint gets commenting

    By 15 May 2008

    It's good to comment on things isn't it? What's the weather like? What rumours are around on the Internet? Or even what you think of a story we've written. Well now you can on all news and reviews stories on Pocket-lint. That's right, we've added comments...

  • Win Heineken and Bulldog grooming products for chatting

    Win Heineken and Bulldog grooming products for chatting

    By 21 August 2007

    Pocket-lint has teamed up with Heineken and Bulldog to offer you the chance to look pretty and have a party to go to. All you have to do it post a message (serious) in the forums before the end of the month. All posts will be considered and the best one...

  • Helping you find news and reviews

    Helping you find news and reviews

    By 4 April 2007

    There is a lot of news and reviews on Pocket-lint. That's why we launched Tags in November. Tags are a way of joining up the stories in groups so you can fine them easily. Today we've taken this a step further and launched two new features on the site....

  • Four new buttons to help you get around

    Four new buttons to help you get around

    By 22 March 2007

    We've added four new buttons to the top of Pocket-lint to help you get around the site even easier than before. Homepage, News, Reviews and Talk. Homepage as you would imagine will get you back to the index no matter where you are in the site. The News...

  • Pocket-lint launches Talk section

    Pocket-lint launches Talk section

    By 12 March 2007

    Today, we've gone from being a site that just gives you information to a site that allows you to participate. Talk on Pocket-lint has been set up to give you a chance to have your say about the latest gadget news, your experience with gadgets, pose questions...

  • Get even more PMA news with

    Get even more PMA news with

    By 8 March 2007

    Do you want even more up to the date PMA coverage on all the latest at this years photo expo in Las Vegas? Why not visit our sister website, where you'll find stacks more news on photography accessories, lenses, photo editing...

  • Help us make Pocket-lint better

    Help us make Pocket-lint better

    By 24 January 2007

    We are always striving to make the site better than it is and as we approach our fourth birthday we want to hear if there are features you really want that we don't offer. While we spent the last year developing and introducing a new design with more...