Sharp TU-T2


Sharp TU-T2 receiver   review
3.5 out of 5

Sharp TU-T2 receiver review

By 31 May 2010

Clear space in your home entertainment setup - it's time for another black box! Freeview HD is the latest logo on the nation's shopping list, and you'll find it on three distinct products: integrated TVs, set-top boxes and Freeview+ HD recorders. That... >>

Freeview HD: The set-top boxes

Freeview HD: The set-top boxes

By 30 March 2010

Freeview HD is now official, although we know you Pocket-linters will have been following the move of HD into the broadcast spectrum for some time. Last month we brought you a comprehensive run down of Freeview HD-equipped TVs and today the "supply chain"... >>