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  • Sports Fitness

    Scosche myTrek pictures and hands-on

    By 28 December 2011

    Looking to shed a few pounds following the Christmas binge? If you have an iPhone then you are literally spoilt for choice. We've looked at a number of iPhone apps in the past that offer to track your performance using the on-board GPS, but the offering...

  • Phones

    Scosche goBAT II hands-on

    By 6 May 2011

    Scosche has brought its latest accessory to the table - the goBAT II portable back up battery - and Pocket-lint has been giving it the once over to see if it really is worth the £70 or so that you'll have to fork out on it. And the short answer is yes...

  • Audio 4 out of 5

    Scosche IDR655m headphones review

    By 29 July 2010

    The headphones that come in the box when you get your iPhone are all well and good, in that they work at least. They're not really much kop though. What you need is a decent pair of buds, that still have the remote and microphone functions you'll need...