Samsung X120


Top 10 laptops under £500

Top 10 laptops under £500

By 2 June 2010

The trouble with laptops is that the good ones just aren't cheap enough - not yet, anyway. You then get faced with two options. The first is to buy a 10-inch netbook and try to use it as a full time machine, and the second is to pick up an older notebook... >>

Samsung X120 notebook  review
4.5 out of 5

Samsung X120 notebook review

By 23 November 2009

With a very compact design, small screen, cheap price and no optical drive, it’s easy to think of the Samsung X120 as a netbook. Look at the specs though, and it’s a no-brainer - the Samsung beats most netbooks hands down - but does it deliver in... >>

Samsung X120 and X420 Laptops

Samsung X120 and X420 Laptops

By 22 October 2009

At IFA this year, Samsung launched its X-series of laptops comprising the 11.6-inch X120, the 14-inch X420 and the 15.6-inch X520. We brought you the specs for all the machines, and grabbed some photos of the X520, but you hadn't seen the X120 and X420... >>