Samsung Series 5

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    Samsung Series 5 Ultra Convertible pictures and hands-on

    By 6 June 2012

    Samsung has revealed a touchscreen-touting Series 5 Ultrabook at Computex in Taipei, looking to appease those wanting a Windows 8 touch experience as well as a keyboard, and Pocket-lint has already gone fingers on. The Samsung Series 5 Ultra Convertible...

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    Samsung Series 5 Ultrabooks pictures and hands-on

    By 16 January 2012

    Officially speaking, the Samsung Series 9 laptop is not an Ultrabook - at least, Samsung has chosen not to call it one much like Apple hasn't bothered including the MacBook Air either. Instead, Samsung announced a couple of lesser machines at CES 2012,...

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    Samsung Series 5 Chromebook review

    By 18 July 2011

    The idea of the laptop is that it is your mobile office. Everything that the computer at the desk offers you on the go, be it your files, the web, email, or more, repackaged in a handy portable parcel. That idea works when you can take those files with...