Samsung Monte archive

  • Samsung to launch Iron Man Monte

    Samsung to launch Iron Man Monte

    By 30 April 2010

    Samsung has announced that it'll shortly be launching a special version of its Monte handset in honour of the release of Iron Man 2. It'll be available exclusively on O2. The device is just like the normal Monte, which is a mid-range touchscreen handset...

  • Samsung Monte S5620 hands-on

    Samsung Monte S5620 hands-on

    By 18 February 2010

    Samsung announced the Monte S5620 in the run-up to Mobile World Congress, freeing up our time at the show to get all excited about the Samsung Wave. Monte is actually a family of devices, but at present, the only one coming to the UK is this one - the...

  • Samsung Monte announced

    Samsung Monte announced

    By 9 February 2010

    Hopefully clearing the way for more exciting releases at Mobile World Congress, Samsung has announced the launch of Samsung "Monte", or S5620, a new full touchscreen device for the "style-conscious mobile user". With a 3-inch WQVGA display, the Monte...