Samsung BD-P1600


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  • Home Cinema 3.5 out of 5

    Philips BDP3000 Blu-ray player review

    By 13 August 2009

    There’s been a lot of rubbish talked about Blu-ray’s slow growth. Probably as a reaction to the hyperbole from the format’s promoters, its success has been downplayed; the truth is, Blu-ray is more than grazing our interest in the UK. It’s arguably...

  • Home Cinema 4 out of 5

    Samsung BD-P1600 Blu-ray player review

    By 28 April 2009

    This is Blu-ray on a budget, but Samsung’s latest is anything but basic. Already spotted for as little as £140 online, the BD-P1600 is the successor to the brand’s popular BD-P1500. And it’s a worthy successor, adding some nice extra features at...