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  • Panasonic to release Siri-style TVs
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    Panasonic to release Siri-style TVs

    By 27 March 2012

    First it was voice guidance on your phone, now you’ll soon be able to control your television by barking instructions at it. Panasonic's Viera 2012 range of televisions, enables you to change channels, turn up the volume, find listing information and...

  • RNIB sings the praises of the iPad

    RNIB sings the praises of the iPad

    By 1 June 2010

    In its short little lifetime the Apple's iPad has caused quite a hullabaloo. Its supporters have labelled it a game changing device that will revolutionise the way we consume media. And it's critics have labelled it just a big iPhone. Well, it's maybe...

  • RNIB developing "talking" TV menus

    RNIB developing "talking" TV menus

    By 12 August 2009

    The Royal National Institute of Blind People has announced a collaboration with television manufacturers to develop a "talking" chipset which will allow menu, tv programme guides and digital displays to be more accessible to people with sight problems....

  • Study: DRM creates Pirates

    Study: DRM creates Pirates

    By 28 May 2009

    Although the tendancy for big corporations to include DRM in all their products appears to be on the wane, there's still plenty of publishers who include it by default in their music, film and e-books That may be fuelling a new generation of content pirates,...

  • Emporia Life phone for "older generation" on sale in the UK

    Emporia Life phone for "older generation" on sale in the UK

    By 16 July 2007

    The Emporia Life is an Austrian manufactured mobile phone designed for the older generation that goes on sale in the UK this week. Communic8 Ltd are the official UK distributor and will be working with the RNIB to promote the easy-to-use mobile. The Emporia...