Revo AXiS


Revo AXiS   review
4 out of 5

Revo AXiS review

By 2 December 2010

It looks like a simple bedside clock radio, but underneath the AXiS’ soft black plastic shell are more features than you’ve a right to expect in a gadget aimed at bedside tables. Inside are tuners for FM and digital radio - both DAB and DAB+ - with... >>

Revo AXiS: A Pure Sensia alternative

Revo AXiS: A Pure Sensia alternative

By 26 August 2010

Revo has announced the arrival of its latest audio system - the Revo AXiS - that it hopes will give the Pure Sensia a run for its money. Sure, it doesn't have the social networking apps of the Sensia, but it does combine a 3.5-inch TFT touchscreen with... >>