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    Razer Nabu: We eye-up gaming laptop maker’s wearable tech band

    By 10 January 2014

    Wearable tech was the promise of 2013, but one that failed to truly deliver. In 2014 it looks as though every manufacturer wants to be the one to crack the market, including gaming laptop maker Razer with the Nabu. Described as a discreet wearable, the...

  • Laptops

    Razer Blade 14-inch gaming laptop pictures and hands-on

    By 17 June 2013

    The Razer Blade 14 unhinges the typical gaming laptop concept: this slender 14-inch slab is far smaller and thinner than a typical gaming laptop but doesn't hold back on the power or specification. Pocket-lint was on hand at the E3 gaming expo in Los...

  • Laptops

    Razer Blade Pro first play: pictures and hands-on

    By 3 June 2013

    Razer gaming laptops are rare creatures in the UK, so when Pocket-lint caught a glimpse of the latest superthin Razer Blade Pro at a gaming event ahead of this year's Computex we jumped at the change to have a play. With a 17.3-inch 1080p LED display,...

  • Tablets

    Razer Edge pictures and hands-on

    By 8 January 2013

    Razer's prototype gaming tablet has come to reality, with the Razer Edge, an all-in-one gaming experience wrapped up in a tablet. It is fairly hefty for a tablet, but given there is a Nvidia GT640M inside, a choice of either an i5 or i7 processor and...

  • Gaming 0 out of 5

    First Look: Razer Onza Xbox 360 controller review

    By 14 January 2010

    The Xbox 360 has been around for some time with gamers fairly happy with the performance of the included controllers. So what makes gaming peripheral maker, Razer, believe it has the answer with the Razer Onza? We got hands-on at CES in Las Vegas to...