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  • Gadgets 3 out of 5

    Qualcomm Toq review

    By 21 February 2014

    Qualcomm has a smartwatch, and it’s called Toq. As in tick tock. It’s a nifty little wearable that serves as a companion device to an Android smartphone, and if you're based in the US you can purchase it right now should you so desire. But there is...

  • Phones

    Acer Liquid S2 pictures and hands on

    By 5 September 2013

    Our first date with Acer's brand new Liquid S2 has left us impressed. The screen is sharp and the colours bright, like the company's Iconia A3 tablet, but with the 6-inch Full HD IPS display delivering more of a punch. It was comfortable to hold and sat...

  • Gadgets

    Hands-on: Qualcomm Toq review

    By 4 September 2013

    Qualcomm's new Toq smartwatch is now a reality, and Pocket-lint managed to get some hands-on time with the watch at Qualcomm's Uplinq conference in San Diego to find out whether this is the time keeper you want to own. Costing around $300 (£190) when...

  • Phones

    Hands-on: Sony Xperia Z1 review

    By 4 September 2013

    The Sony Xperia Z1, the latest flagship Android smartphone from Sony Mobile, has just been announced at IFA 2013. As you might expect, Pocket-lint spent an afternoon with the new handset ahead of the official launch, to see just how much has changed...

  • Phones 4.5 out of 5

    Motorola Razr HD review

    By 22 March 2013

    We'll be honest. We've got HD fatigue, so when the Motorola Razr HD arrived in our office we didn't jump for joy. HD, we thought, big whoop, everything is HD these days, hell, they even make HD make-up for some reason. So what is Motorola up to here?...

  • Phones

    AllJoyn adds DoubleTwist support, video streaming promised

    By 4 March 2013

    Qualcomm further demonstrated its AllJoyn system to Pocket-lint at Mobile World Congress, but with a new twist. DoubleTwist, in fact. Rather than just promote the ability for your fridge to talk to your TV and send you a notification that you've left...

  • Phones

    Headphone:X from Qualcomm and DTS brings 7.1 surround sound to your phone

    By 26 February 2013

    Qualcomm and DTS have shown off a new audio technology that is likely to make the need to have impressive headphones a thing of the past. The new technology, which Pocket-lint has already been treated to in a demo, replicates a 7.1 sound system through...

  • Phones

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 prototype tablet pictures and hands-on

    By 8 January 2013

    Qualcomm used the opening keynote of CES in Las Vegas to officially launch its next-generation mobile processing chip, the Snapdragon 800. It is super fast and powerful, being quad core and allowing up to 2.3GHz per core. And Pocket-lint has had the opportunity...

  • Online

    Kyobo eReader pictures and hands-on

    By 12 January 2012

    The Qualcomm Mirasol has turned up for a bow in the shape of the Kyobo eReader at CES 2012. Kyobo is Korea’s leading bookstore and will give owners of the 5.7-inch device access to 90,000 ebooks including the Steve Jobs biography, a month before any...

  • Laptops

    Lenovo X1 Hybrid pictures and hands-on

    By 9 January 2012

    Lenovo announced just before the start of CES that it would show off the Hybrid X1 laptop and Pocket-lint has just finished playing with the new laptop that has a spilt personality. On the surface, the Hybrid X1 looks like any ordinary Windows PC, albeit...

  • Tablets

    HTC Jetstream pictures and hands-on

    By 14 September 2011

    When it comes to tablets, HTC has two. A 7-inch Gingerbread powered HTC Flyer, and the new 10-inch Honeycomb powered HTC Jetstream just announced in the US on AT&T. Keen to see how Honeycomb works on the new 10-inch model and what it looks like in the...

  • Phones

    HTC Freestyle hands-on

    By 6 January 2011

    HTC has announced a new BREW-powered smartphone, and Pocket-lint has managed to get hold of the new phone, albeit with some caveats. That caveat is that we weren’t allowed to turn the device on as the software wasn’t in the kind of state that HTC...

  • Home Cinema 3.5 out of 5

    Flo TV portable television review

    By 18 November 2009

    If you've ever been on a long journey with kids in the back of the car you'll know that after a while your kids will get restless and that means your journey quickly descends into a nightmare. Qualcomm, the company behind most of the chipsets in smartphones...