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  • Humax DTR-T1000 YouView PVR review
    Home Cinema 2.5 out of 5

    Humax DTR-T1000 YouView PVR review

    By 31 July 2012

    YouView is one of the most complicated products ever to launch. It's not so much technically difficult to do what has been done here, but it involves a lot of what, in management terms, are known as "stakeholders". Namely, the people who have a vested...

  • Samsung BD-D8900M review
    Home Cinema 4 out of 5

    Samsung BD-D8900M review

    By 14 September 2011

    Who cares about Blu-ray? Firmly ensconced in the PlayStation 3, standalone hi-def disc spinners regularly go for under £90 – small enough bean to set the alarm bells ringing in any gadget buyer’s ears. The trick, thinks Samsung, is to up the price...

  • Google TV eyes on
    Home Cinema

    Google TV eyes on

    By 6 September 2010

    Sony has already confirmed that it will be launching a Google TV enabled TV or device with Google in the US, when the service launches in time for the "Holidays". However, what it didn't say at its keynote speech at IFA in Berlin, was that it would have...

  • TVonics MDR-240 set-top box debuts
    Home Cinema

    TVonics MDR-240 set-top box debuts

    By 17 August 2009

    TVonics has launched a new set-top boxes which is claims is the first to meet all the new "Core Receiver Requirements" set out by the government in lieu of the 2012 UK switchover. The new model, the TVonics MDR-240 will be available by early September...

  • Panasonic details high-def recorder range
    Home Cinema

    Panasonic details high-def recorder range

    By 25 February 2009

    Panasonic has indulged us with a little more information on their incoming high-definition Freesat recorders that are due to land in the UK in June 2009. The first of these models, that we brought you news of yesterday, the DMR-BS850, will feature a 500GB...

  • Archos Media Club coming to UK
    Home Cinema

    Archos Media Club coming to UK

    By 7 February 2008

    Archos is to go up against Apple's Movie Download store in the UK with the launch of a service called the Archos Media Club. The service, which is currently available in France will offer customers who sign up to the service two films a month from a massive...

  • Archos TV+ in pictures
    Home Cinema

    Archos TV+ in pictures

    By 6 February 2008

    We managed to get a play with the new Archos TV+ at the UK launch. The new model, which will cost £179.99 for the 80GB model and £249.99 for the 250GB model, will go up against Apple TV. It combines a Wi-Fi media player with a 250GB hard drive to allow...

  • Archos planning Archos TV+
    Home Cinema

    Archos planning Archos TV+

    By 21 November 2007

    Archos is prepping the launch of Archos TV+, a set-top Wi-Fi multimedia PVR-esque device that will move the company from capable PMP manufacturer to a living room presence. The new product is designed to be an entertainment hub, the same as Apple TV,...

  • Virgin take on Sky with new TV offering
    Home Cinema

    Virgin take on Sky with new TV offering

    By 2 April 2007

    Virgin has announced that it will take on Sky with a new set top box for customers not living in a cable area. The new box aims to help the newly formed company expand availability of its quadplay of broadband, phone, mobile and TV services beyond its...

  • Freeview launch Freeview Playback brand
    Home Cinema

    Freeview launch Freeview Playback brand

    By 18 May 2006

    Feeling the pressure from cable and Sky services, Freeview has announced plans to launch a digital TV recorder brand, ‘Freeview Playback’. The move follows an announcement last month that Sky now has over 1,430,000 digital video subscribers of its...