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  • Gaming 4 out of 5

    Sony PS Vita Slim review

    By 6 February 2014

    With smartphone and tablet gaming becoming so dominant in the world of casual gaming is there still room for a dedicated handheld gaming console? Sony certainly thinks so with a refresh of the PlayStation Vita, now in its slimmer form factor, better known...

  • Gaming

    Hands-on: PS Vita Slim review

    By 30 January 2014

    The PS Vita Slim is a new version of the PlayStation Vita. Pocket-lint managed to get some hands-on time with the new handheld console ahead of working up a full review over the coming days. Quick first impressions are positive. The unit is noticeably...

  • Gaming 5 out of 5

    Little Big Planet PS Vita review

    By 20 September 2012

    This is the game the PS Vita should have launched with. It is, without doubt, one of the best portable titles we have ever played and shines well above the rest of the games currently available on the PS Vita, apart from, perhaps, Uncharted.  It is,...

  • Apps

    APP OF THE DAY: Flickr review (PS Vita)

    By 22 February 2012

    The Vita isn't just good for gaming you know, it can do so much more thanks to its slowly growing application store. At day one, only the likes of Facebook and Flickr are available and its the latter we are going to concentrate on here. Why not Facebook...

  • Gaming 3.5 out of 5

    ModNation Racers: Road Trip review

    By 22 February 2012

    The Vita is quite a beast when it comes to the ways in which you can interact with it: two cameras, front and back touch sensitivity, two analogue sticks, gyroscopes and accelerometers. Sony really couldn’t have left much out. With all these different...

  • Gaming 4.5 out of 5

    Uncharted: Golden Abyss review

    By 22 February 2012

    Right from the off, as soon as Sony Computer Entertainment revealed that it was crafting a PS Vita version of Uncharted we were intrigued. The adventures of Nathan Drake have rapidly combined to become one of the firm’s most valuable and loved franchises,...

  • Gaming

    APP OF THE DAY: Cliff Diving review (PS Vita)

    By 21 February 2012

    So it's nearly here. Tomorrow sees the UK and US launch of the Sony PlayStation Vita and the long wait is almost over. We've already looked at an official game or two, but now it's time to focus on one of the many apps Sony plans to offer in its store,...

  • Gaming

    Sony PlayStation Vita firmware 1.60 pictures, video and hands-on

    By 15 February 2012

    When we reviewed the PlayStation Vita - due to launch on 22 February in the UK and US - the build of its system software didn't allow for video recording. The Photos application would only allow you to take, ahem, photos through the rear and front-facing...

  • Gaming 4.5 out of 5

    WipEout 2048 review

    By 14 February 2012

    WipEout is as synonymous with PlayStation as a superfluous capital letter, even sharing the same trait. It helped shift the first Sony console on its launch in 1995, and it is hoped that the latest in the franchise will do the same this time around. There...

  • Gaming 4.5 out of 5

    Sony PlayStation Vita review

    By 1 February 2012

    Let’s not beat around the bush; we like the PlayStation Vita, we like it a lot. In fact, we’re happy to say that we have never fallen for a handheld games console as much as we have the PS Vita. It is to hardcore gamers what a Penny Black is to a...

  • Gaming 0 out of 5

    First Look: PlayStation Vita review

    By 28 November 2011

    There’s no denying that all eyes are on the Sony PlayStation Vita at present. Most look on with eager anticipation, but some are more cynical. While it managed to shift over 70 million units worldwide, there’s a common, if not entirely founded belief...

  • Gaming

    Sony PlayStation Vita first hands-on

    By 8 June 2011

    Sony has officially launched the PS Vita, or PlayStation Vita, as it’s also known at E3 in Los Angeles, and Pocket-lint was on hand for a brief hands-on. Sadly the Sony gods weren’t allowing photos or video, but did let us play five games for 4 minutes...