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  • Apps 5 out of 5

    Plants vs Zombies 2 review

    By 15 August 2013

    Plants vs Zombies is one of the most popular gaming apps ever released. And for good reason: it's so good that you'll want to eat your own brain. Popcap, the title's developer, has been gobbled up by publishing giant EA since the original game's app-format...

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    Plants Vs Zombies 2 preview: First play of Popcap's forthcoming app

    By 12 June 2013

    It could be easy for a mobile app such as Plants Vs Zombies 2 to get lost among the gaming big guns at this year's E3 - the world's largest gaming trade show - but that's not the case. Behind closed doors at EA's mobile platform presentation - the publisher...

  • Gaming 4.5 out of 5

    Plants vs. Zombies - PC review

    By 25 May 2009

    As far as gaming reputations go, PopCap Games are right at the pinnacle of all things great and good. With titles like the huge worldwide smash Peggle, the addictive Zuma, and the lovable Bookworm Adventures, PopCap have built themselves into a well recognised...

  • Phones 4 out of 5

    Chuzzle - mobile phone game review

    By 7 June 2007

    PopCap Games is probably best known for its sublime puzzler, Bejeweled. Hugely successful, with more than 5 million sold since 2001, Bejeweled was recently inducted into the Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame, the first puzzle game to be honoured like...