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  • Tablets

    Acer C110 Pico projector hands-on

    By 7 July 2011

    Acer has just announced the ultra-dinky C110 Pico projector complete with tablet compatible USB power. The Pocket-lint gang were lucky enough to grab a quick play with the new C110 at an Acer event. First thing we did? Shine it in our eyes of course!...

  • Home Cinema

    Pico Genie M100 Palm Projector XGA hands on

    By 28 January 2011

    You've got loads of pics and videos on your iPhone but, trouble is, you've only got a 3.5-inch screen to show them off on. So, until Apple chucks an onboard projector onto its phone baby, you're gonna need an outlet for all that media. Now, you could...