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  • Serif PhotoPlus 11 PC software review
    Cameras 4 out of 5

    Serif PhotoPlus 11 PC software review

    By 5 December 2006

    One of the complaints levelled at digital photography is that it’s a flat medium. What this means is that the camera doesn’t understand the nuances of a 3D world, which is why every digital photo comes to life with even the most basic of edits. It...

  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 features rumoured to be revealed

    Adobe Photoshop CS3 features rumoured to be revealed

    By 1 December 2006

    Adobe Photoshop CS3's interface will look a bit like Adobe After Effects 7, according to sources reporting to Mac blog site Think Secret. The new look will feature better palette organisation with the ability to move all palettes into a single icon, as...

  • Tesco PhotoRestyle review
    Cameras 3.5 out of 5

    Tesco PhotoRestyle review

    By 21 November 2006

    If you own a digital camera then at some time or other you’ll want to edit, correct them or simply edit them for a tighter image. There are a variety of applications out there that will readily do the job, with PaintShop being our long-term favourite....

  • Apple releases Aperture 1.5.1, and offers free 30-day trial

    Apple releases Aperture 1.5.1, and offers free 30-day trial

    By 3 November 2006

    Apple has tweaked its latest Aperture release and has also added a 30-day free trial of the software for download on its website. An Apple representative at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York said that the update is a as a result of user feedback on version...

  • Apple Aperture 1.5 - First Look review
    Cameras 0 out of 5

    Apple Aperture 1.5 - First Look review

    By 4 October 2006

    While at Photokina 2006, we took a closer look, through a couple of demonstrations, of Apple’s updated Aperture 1.5, and the package looks very impressive. Designed to be a RAW workflow solution for professional photographers, it manages to incorporate...

  • ACDSee Photo Editor review
    Cameras 4.5 out of 5

    ACDSee Photo Editor review

    By 3 October 2006

    Anyone who has a digital camera will know there is no shortage of editing software on the market. Even if you buy an entry-level camera you are likely to get basic editing tools. In recent times we’ve been split between Corel Paintshop Pro, which is...

  • Apple updates iLife to fit in with Aperture 1.5

    Apple updates iLife to fit in with Aperture 1.5

    By 29 September 2006

    Just a day after Apple released a software for its iTunes software the company has released a series of fixes for its iLife package which addresses updates to the company's Aperture photographic application. Totaling 125.9MB the package that gets the...

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    Apple releases major update for Aperture, version 1.5

    By 25 September 2006

    Apple has released what it calls a “major update” to its Aperture all-in-one professional post production tool for photographers, in the form of version 1.5, which will be available to current users with a free upgrade. Aperture 1.5 operates on a...

  • Ulead releases PhotoImpact 12 image and video editing software

    Ulead releases PhotoImpact 12 image and video editing software

    By 25 September 2006

    Ulead has released the latest version of its consumer image editing software, PhotoImpact 12, with a number of new features designed to make operation even simpler. The key addition to the programmed is the new ExpressFix mode, which is a simplified interface...

  • Cameras

    Adobe releases Lightroom beta 4.0

    By 25 September 2006

    Adobe has released a fourth Beta version of its Lightroom RAW workflow software, and has added Photoshop to the title to reinforce the idea that it is part of the Photoshop family of software. This latest release is the result of feedback from over 3400...

  • Cameras

    Corel announces new Paint Shop Pro Photo version XI

    By 13 September 2006

    Corel has been quick to respond to Adobe’s announcement of Elements 5.0 yesterday with a new version of Paint Shop Pro Photo, version XI. This release incorporates a number of new features, including a Photo Organiser that also functions as a file browser...

  • Cameras

    Adobe to launch Photoshop Elements 5.0 in October

    By 12 September 2006

    Adobe has announced what it calls a major upgrade to its Elements software that incorporates support for the company’s about-to-be-launched online photo service. Elements 5.0 is for the amateur photographer who is looking for sophisticated editing tools...

  • Cameras

    Corel launch Snapfire photo editing software online

    By 5 September 2006

    Corel has just announced the release of Snapfire and Snapfire Plus, two new photo editing programmes designed to make editing and organising images easy for beginners and more advance amateurs. Snapfire is a free download from Corel’s website, and offers...

  • Online

    Software generates jokes for children who use computer speaking aids

    By 24 August 2006

    Computer software scientists at a group of universities in Scotland have developed a program that generates jokes for children who need computerised speech aids. The System to Augment Non-speakers Dialogue Using Puns, or Standup, lets children choose...

  • Online

    Microsoft develops consumer 3D photography software

    By 2 August 2006

    Microsoft has developed software that compiles information from a collection of images of a building or other structure and creates a 3D model. Photosynth will let viewers fly through a scene, pan and zoom quickly to see every detail of the model, and...

  • Adobe gives Windows users a look at Lightroom

    Adobe gives Windows users a look at Lightroom

    By 19 July 2006

    Adobe's flagship image workflow solution is still in the beta stage, but is now available for Windows users. Previous releases of Lightroom have only included support for Mac. Beta testers are encouraged to share their feedback so that Adobe can continue...

  • Family Tree Legends: Starter Edition review
    Online 4 out of 5

    Family Tree Legends: Starter Edition review

    By 11 July 2006

    The Internet may have been blamed for many things in recent years but there is no denying all that information at the tip of your fingers means you can do so much with it. Take genealogy, the researching and tracing of family lines. The Internet has opened...

  • Trial version of Nikon Capture NX now available

    Trial version of Nikon Capture NX now available

    By 10 July 2006

    Nikon has made available a trial version of Capture NX, its image workflow, editing, and RAW conversion software. The software edits JPEG, TIFF, and Nikon RAW (NEF) format images in a simple and easy-to-use interface. Patented U Point technology lets...

  • Cameras

    Bibble offers Pixmantec customers a discount for its RAW workflow solution

    By 29 June 2006

    Bibble Labs has quickly leapt into action after the announcement of Adobe's acquisition of Pixmantec. The company is offering a limited-time promotion to current RawShooter Premium customers to upgrade to Bibble Pro for $99.95, which is a $30 discount...

  • Magix Photo Manager 2006 Deluxe review
    Cameras 3.5 out of 5

    Magix Photo Manager 2006 Deluxe review

    By 27 June 2006

    Digital photography has changed the way we consume images. Lets get personal for a moment, at one time I’d buy a 24 or 36 exposure film for a holiday and that would be it. Now, I have a 1GB SD in my camera, so what do I do, I snap away at all and sundry....

  • Adobe gobbles up Pixmantec, plans to integrate RawShooter into Lightroom

    Adobe gobbles up Pixmantec, plans to integrate RawShooter into Lightroom

    By 26 June 2006

    Adobe's Lightroom application has been in development for quite some time, with 3 Mac beta versions having been released so far. The process of development is set to speed up considerably with Adobe's recent acquisition of Pixmantec. Pixmantec's RawShooter...

  • Online

    Developers show off computer that can read facial expressions

    By 26 June 2006

    British and American scientists have developed a computer that can analyse facial movements to determine moods. According to a Reuters report, the computer has been programmed to recognise different facial expressions from actors. Professor Peter Robinson...

  • X-OOM PSP Media Suite - PC review
    Gaming 3.5 out of 5

    X-OOM PSP Media Suite - PC review

    By 20 June 2006

    So, you have your brand new Sony PSP and if you’ve done the sensible thing, you bought a memory card to go with it – this way you can transfer plenty of movie and movies onto the device, especially movies as the widescreen aspect ratio of the PSP’s...

  • Cameras

    Adobe offers another test version of Lightroom

    By 19 June 2006

    Adobe is still unready to release its Lightroom imaging workflow solution, and has instead offered a third Beta version. From feedback generated by beta testers, Adobe has implemented some tweaks to improve the test version. Beta 3 adds features to give...

  • M-Audio Podcast Factory review
    Online 4 out of 5

    M-Audio Podcast Factory review

    By 9 June 2006

    M-Audio is best known for the tools it provides for your actual, real life, professional audio types. Which is why it came as something of surprise to see them entering into the Podcast market which is, let’s face it, perceived more as being for amateur...