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    Studios announce bonus high-def content for HD DVDs

    By 9 August 2006

    HD-DVD-supporting studios will start including uniquely high-def content on discs released this autumn. Paramount’s headlining HD-DVD will be “Mission Impossible: III” which will feature bonus content originally shot in high-def, as well as picture-in-picture...

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    BT signs BBC, Warner Music and Paramount to TV over broadband offering

    By 9 December 2005

    BT has announced its first content deals for next generation TV via broadband with BBC Worldwide, Paramount and Warner Music Group all signing up to the service. The agreements bring the launch of BT's TV over broadband service an step closer. Starting...

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    Paramount sides with Blu-ray in next generation DVD battle

    By 3 October 2005

    Paramount Home Entertainment, one of the biggest movie studios has announced that it will be releasing high-definition movies on Sony's Blu-ray format next year. The company had previously announced that it would be releasing titles in the competing format...