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  • Best TV 2011: 8th Pocket-lint Awards nominees
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    Best TV 2011: 8th Pocket-lint Awards nominees

    By 24 November 2011

    The best TV of 2011 is going to be a tricky category to judge in the 8th Pocket-lint Awards. Panel quality continues to increase as ever, set design is fast catching up and suddenly we have a huge proportion of the market filled with televisions that...

  • Panasonic TX-50GT30   review
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    Panasonic TX-50GT30 review

    By 26 April 2011

    Twelve months ago the ins and outs of 3DTVs were a mystery to us all as a plethora of high-priced LED TVs were thrown our way, but now we know the truth; if you want convincing 3D in your living room, choose a plasma. Panasonic, the only brand to offer...