Panasonic Eluga

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    Panasonic Eluga dL1 review

    By 2 May 2012

    Panasonic aims to crack the European smartphone market and the Eluga dL1 is the first device to arrive with that in mind. It finds itself landing in a fiercely competitive market, pitching itself against the likes of familiar rivals Samsung and LG, a...

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    Panasonic Eluga Power pictures and hands-on

    By 29 February 2012

    Minimal and smart, the Panasonic Eluga Power is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most impressive mobile phones we got our hands on at Mobile World Congress 2012. The second in a quick succession of mobiles in what is a first foray into the European...

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    Panasonic Eluga pictures and hands-on

    By 20 February 2012

    Panasonic has been talking about bringing a smartphone to Europe for quite a while. Announced on Monday at the Panasonic Convention 2012 in Hamburg, the Panasonic Eluga is that phone. Pocket-lint has had some time to play with the new handset and from...