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  • Audio

    Oregon Scientific Boombero pictures and hands-on: Step up smartphone audio without the wires

    By 23 July 2013

    Boombero is a portable mini speaker which - when we first saw one at a festival during the summer - we were rather impressed with. Even though the iPhone doesn't have NFC (near field communication) like some of its competitors, the Boombero is a halfway-house...

  • Cameras 3.5 out of 5

    Oregon Scientific ATC3K Action Cam camcorder review

    By 6 August 2008

    The ATC3K is the latest iteration of Oregon Scientific’s range of cameras aimed at those wanting to capture themselves or friends in more adverse conditions. To this end, the camera itself is a fairly chunky device, weighing in at about 200g including...

  • Gadgets 4.5 out of 5

    Oregon Scientific Portable UV Monitor review

    By 20 July 2006

    Okay, so the heatwave that we are currently experiencing in the UK might be a one off for this summer, but that doesn't mean that when we pack our bags and head off on our holidays it's not going to be sunny. It's a fact that too many UV (Ultra Violet)...

  • Audio 3.5 out of 5

    Oregon Scientific Music Sphere review

    By 26 October 2005

    American technology manufacturer, Oregon Scientific, have opted to enter the music technology market with their newly created StyleFi brand. The launch consists of four products, a music centre, two takes on a wireless speaker solution and a portable...

  • Gadgets 3.5 out of 5

    Oregon Scientific STARK Music Medium Clock review

    By 19 October 2005

    Available in four formats, two sizes and the three colours there is certainly plenty of choice in the Philippe Stark designed range of clock-radio weather stations created in collaboration with American technology brand Oregon Scientific. The Medium Music...

  • Gadgets 4 out of 5

    Oregon Scientific Easy Thermo Projecting Clock review

    By 4 May 2005

    Time is important. Look around your house and you'll have lots of timepieces, whether it's the one on your wall, on your video recorder, wrist, phone, PDA… It's a pretty safe bet they are all telling different times, even if only within minutes. In...

  • Gadgets 4 out of 5

    Oregon Scientific Easy Weather Station Advanced review

    By 16 March 2005

    During the long winter months, the wise should be willing to go that little bit further in pursuit of knowing what the day is about to throw at them, so any device that can deliver accurate metrological reports at exactly the same time as it wakes you...

  • Audio 3 out of 5

    Oregon Scientific MP120 review

    By 26 August 2004

    Why walk when you can run? That seems to be the motto of the Hong Kong-based technology firm Oregon Scientific. With the launch of the second of their new MP3 players, we ask ‘Will it live up to the laurels Pocketlint awarded the MP100, the world's...

  • Audio 4.5 out of 5

    Oregon Scientific MP100 review

    By 24 August 2004

    It was reported that last year the most searched for term on the internet was MP3 (overtaking “sex”), so it seems no surprise that the companies, who hitherto have stayed out of the music player marketplace, should be taking interest and creating...

  • Cameras 3.5 out of 5

    Oregon Scientific I-Cam review

    By 16 December 2003

    Styled like the Pentax Optio S, this fixed focus 2mp camera from Oregon Scientific offers a lot on the style front. Slim and compact and thinner than a pack of playing cards, the camera features a 1.5” LCD display and the usual array of buttons to access...