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  • Laptops

    Hands-on: Windows 8.1 Update review

    By 8 April 2014

    Microsoft has released its first major update for Windows 8.1 as promised and Pocket-lint has installed it on a desktop PC to see exactly what the more significant changes do. And we can start by saying that it's a hark back to Vista. The software giant...

  • Gadgets 4.5 out of 5

    Google Chromecast review

    By 19 March 2014

    Following its successful US launch last summer, Google has launched Chromecast in the UK. And it's a rather big deal. Chromecast is an HDMI dongle designed to plug into your TV and is a rival to Apple's AirPlay and devices like Apple TV, Roku and other...

  • Home Cinema

    New BBC iPlayer pictures and hands-on

    By 11 March 2014

    The BBC has unveiled a new version of its iPlayer catch-up and video-on-demand service, which goes live today. It has been rebuilt from the ground up in HTML5 and Pocket-lint attended the launch at New Broadcasting House in London to check out a few of...

  • Online

    Lego Star Wars Rebels Building sets, Imperial Star Destroyer and more pictures and hands-on

    By 17 February 2014

    The Lego Group loves the Star Wars franchise. And that's none more evident than at the 2014 NYC Toy Fair, where the company has introduced a suite of new sets inspired by the sci-fi blockbuster films. The Star Wars Rebels Building sets are the highlight...

  • Online

    Hands-on: Lego Movie MetalBeard's Sea Cow review

    By 17 February 2014

    The Lego Group is at the 2014 NYC Toy Fair, where it just gave a sneak peek of the Sea Cow ship from its new Lego Movie. Called MetalBeard's Sea Cow, the massive Lego set will release in March for $249.99. It includes captain's quarters, which has a treasure...

  • Online

    Hands-on: Lego The Simpsons House review

    By 17 February 2014

    The Lego Group is at the 2014 NYC Toy Fair and has given Pocket-lint a close look at The Simpsons House set that launched earlier this month. The Simpsons House set, available for $199/£179, lets fans build the Simpsons' familiar Springfield home with...

  • Online

    Hands-on: Lego Ghostbusters review

    By 17 February 2014

    The Lego Group is at the 2014 NYC Toy Fair and has just shown off the new Lego Ghostbusters set. Lego Ghostbusters, a product of the Cuusoo design project, will officially release in June for $49.99. A UK price has yet to be revealed. The set includes four...

  • Online 4 out of 5

    Sky Wireless Booster review

    By 29 January 2014

    This is a review for Sky customers, as the Sky Wireless Booster is a new product in the company's arsenal. If you already have a Sky Broadband router in your home then, let us guess, its wireless power doesn't quite reach everywhere? In the UK, with our...

  • Online

    BT Home Hub 5 hands-on: Making BT Infinity even better

    By 2 December 2013

    It was only a few months ago that we were telling you that BT had launched the Home Hub 4, with a sleek new design and a bump in specs. At the time we reported that there was another model - Home Hub 5 - waiting in the wings. BT Home Hub 5 is now available...

  • Online

    MasterPass: make credit card payments at home by swiping on your NFC laptop, literally

    By 13 September 2013

    When it comes to paying for goods we're already big fans of touch-to-pay NFC, available on a range of credit and debit cards and a growing number of participating stores. One quick tap - assuming the bill is not more than £20 - and that's it, all paid...

  • Phones

    Custom design Motorola Moto X: We test out Moto Maker

    By 23 August 2013

    Moto Maker - the process of designing a custom Moto X smartphone - isn't for the indecisive. It's for the strong-minded; those who want to make a statement with their smartphone. And it's one of the biggest reasons to opt in for a Moto X over other smartphones....

  • Online

    BT HomeHub 4 hands-on: Bringing dual-band home

    By 26 July 2013

    One of the key points BT is pushing with its new HomeHub 4 router is the slim design. Not only is it designed to be less obtrusive in your home, but the packaging has also been created to make delivery easy, so it can be posted through your front door....

  • Online

    Sony Xperia Z Ultra pictures and hands-on

    By 25 June 2013

    The Sony Xperia Z Ultra has been unveiled, bringing with it a huge 6.4-inch Full HD 1920 x 1080 display, as well all the connectivity features and functions you’d expect from a premium smartphone. At only about half an inch smaller than many of the...

  • Online

    New Google Maps: We explore the features of the preview

    By 22 May 2013

    At Google I/O one of the most exciting developments was the reworking of Google Maps. Both online and on mobile devices. With maps being ubiquitous now, it's easy to forget that the old version has a few annoying bugs that make it difficult to use. Now...

  • Online

    Hands-on: Google Play Music All Access review

    By 17 May 2013

    It was no surprise when Google announced Google Play Music All Access during its keynote at Google I/O on Wednesday. Set to take on Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and other streaming services, All Access is available on the web and Android for $9.99 (£6.50)...