Olympus PEN E-PL5

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    Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5 review

    By 21 November 2012

    The Olympus E-PL5, otherwise known as the "PEN Lite", is the fourth iteration of the E-PL series. It's been a bit of a roller-coaster ride since this Micro Four Thirds series' conception: we've had moments of brilliance such as the retro design; but brilliance...

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    Olympus Pen E-PL5 pictures and hands-on

    By 17 September 2012

    As well as the E-PM2's announcement, Olympus has also lifted the lid on the latest Pen Lite, the Olympus Pen E-PL5. As with its other Pen cousin, Pocket-lint had a play around with a pre-production model ahead of its official announcement. The E-PL5 finds...