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    HTC One X+ pictures and hands-on

    By 2 October 2012

    The HTC One X+ is the new HTC flagship Android smartphone, but we sort of had wind of that some time ago here at Pocket-lint. None the less, the official announcement means we’ve had our hands on the device to find out exactly what it’s all about...

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    APP OF THE DAY: O2 Priority Moments review (iPhone and Android)

    By 14 July 2011

    O2's take on location-based deals arrived today in the form of Priority Moments, an app specially for O2 customers that grants them access to some pretty juicy offers.  Everything form Yo Sushi! to Halfords has gotten involved in the deals setup, with...

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    HTC HD7S vs HD7: Who’s got the brighter screen?

    By 22 March 2011

    HTC announced on Monday the HTC HD7S for AT&T, a variant of the HTC HD7 available already on T-Mobile in the US and O2 in the UK. The phones for all intents and purposes are identical except one small detail: the new HD7S features a Super LCD screen rather...

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    HTC HD7 review

    By 21 October 2010

    Touted by many as the flagship of the Windows Phone 7 armada, HTC’s 4.3-inch HD7 takes the prize for having the largest screen. But do more inches make it a better performer? Already we’ve seen those bemoaning its exclusive status with O2, but we’re...

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    O2 Joggler review

    By 20 May 2009

    We don't really know what the Joggler from O2 is: it looks like a photo frame, behaves like an internet portal, and is part of a growing trend of connected internet buddies. The O2 Joggler, based on Open Peak's OpenFrame, sports a 7-inch touchscreen....

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    O2 Cocoon mobile phone - First Look review

    By 14 June 2007

    At the O2 wireless festival, mobile phone operator O2 has announced a new music-focused mobile phone, which it hopes will steal Sony Ericsson's Walkman range's thunder, but can the operator pull it off? Pocket-lint was given the chance to have a first...

  • Phones 4 out of 5

    i-mode mobile internet service review

    By 3 November 2005

    O2 has opted to shun the fast data access speeds of 3G and opt for an internationally renowned service that boasts over 50 million customers in 22 countries. Is it a good decision? We test the so called “internet for mobiles” and find out. On first...

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    O2 X4 3G review

    By 26 May 2005

    Picking up the baton of O2's ‘X’ range of products, the X4 is the first to offer 3G but will it offer enough features and is the usability any good? We test the dog and bone to find out. Of the four 3G handsets currently supplied by O2, three are...

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    O2 Xda IIi pda review

    By 24 March 2005

    The latest, of the O2 ‘UberPDA's' the new XDA IIi, certainly looks impressive when you see its vital statistics laid out on paper. Launched just after the heavyweight, ‘IIs', version of the range, the ‘IIi' bears a number of similarities with its...