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  • Nominet pushes 'snappier' .uk web addresses over

    Nominet pushes 'snappier' .uk web addresses over

    By 20 November 2013

    Internet in the UK has had a significant change, with web addresses ending in .uk due to become available in the summer of 2014. This will essentially see the running-down of and addresses in the future. New domains will cost £3.50...

  • Nominet proposes new .uk domain name

    Nominet proposes new .uk domain name

    By 1 October 2012

    Nominet, the non-profit organisation that looks after all net addresses ending in .uk, has proposed a new domain name that is simply that. The body wants nternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to consider plans to offer UK-based companies...

  • MySpace loses domain name

    MySpace loses domain name

    By 30 April 2008

    Social networking giant MySpace has had its domain seized by an appeals panel, and ownership passed back to an ISP in Stockport. Total Web Solutions registered the domain 11 years ago and 2 years before MySpace launched, but Nominet...