Nokia Lumia 900


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  • Phones 4 out of 5

    Nokia Lumia 610 review

    By 30 May 2012

    Nokia's third Windows Phone 7-powered Lumia handset is the sensibly priced Nokia Lumia 610, but is four a crowd, or should those on a budget be seriously considering this new handset? Design The Lumia 610 is certainly a Nokia, and more akin to the Nokia...

  • Phones 4.5 out of 5

    Nokia Lumia 900 review

    By 11 May 2012

    The Nokia Lumia 900 is the new flagship in Nokia's range and, some would say, the flagship of all Windows Phone 7 phones. But can it live up to this mighty accolade? More importantly, does it have what it takes to challenge the likes of the iPhone 4S,...

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    White Nokia Lumia 900 pictures and hands-on

    By 27 February 2012

    Nokia has announced that it will be selling the Nokia Lumia 900 in the UK before the summer is out and we grabbed the white one at the company's Mobile World Congress booth to see what it looks like. The new version is identical to the black, cyan and...

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    Nokia Lumia 900 pictures and hands-on

    By 10 January 2012

    Nokia has released a new flagship model in the USA at CES in Las Vegas on Monday and we were on hand to have a play. Called the Nokia Lumia 900, is it a new version of the company's Nokia Lumia 800 released in November, but this time sports a number of...