Nokia Lumia 710


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    APP OF THE DAY: Nokia Creative Studio review (Windows Phone 7)

    By 20 March 2012

    Nokia has released a dedicated camera app for its Lumia smartphones, bringing several new features to its Windows Phone range beyond beyond those that come with the phone's camera app. Creative Studio Platform Windows Phone 7 Price Free (but available...

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    Nokia Lumia 710 review

    By 24 January 2012

    The Nokia Lumia 710 is seems to be pitched as the poor man's Lumia 800, but can that be right? We've been testing the two Windows Phone 7 powered Nokia phones together for the last two weeks to see how the 710 really lives up to the flagship Nokia smartphone,...

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    Nokia Lumia 710 pictures and hands-on

    By 26 October 2011

    Aside from the Nokia Lumia 800, the company is also to introduce the Nokia Lumia 710, a budget-friendly Windows Phone 7 Mango smartphone for those with less cash to splurge. Pocket-lint has had a play with the smartphone, expected to hit in 2012, at Nokia...