Nokia E7

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  • Phones 3.5 out of 5

    Nokia E7 review

    By 5 April 2011

    It seems like we’ve been waiting for the Nokia E7 for a very long time. First announced last summer it has finally arrived with Symbian 3, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 8-megapixel camera with HD video recording, an HDMI output and a host of handy features....

  • Phones 0 out of 5

    First Look: Nokia E7 review

    By 14 September 2010

    Nokia's E7, despite being pitched off the back of the Communicator line, is mildly reminiscent of the N97, a flagship handset that veritably sunk into the depths of smartphone obscurity.  Although the E7 - part of Nokia's Enterprise line of devices -...