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    Nissan BladeGlider pictures and hands-on

    By 26 November 2013

    Yes, we know what you’re thinking - "Just what the hell am I looking at?" This is the Nissan BladeGlider - try saying it after you’ve had a few drinks - and while we’ll admit that it looks pretty challenging, it’s nonetheless rather important...

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    Nissan Qashqai 1.6 dCi n-tec+ review

    By 21 March 2013

    Last year in the UK, Nissan sold more of these high-spec “n-tec” trim-level Qashqais than Ford did Mondeos. Consider that for a moment. This one trim level of the Qashqai now outsells the entire range of a car that just a few years back was Britain’s...

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    Nissan Juke Acenta Premium 1.6L review

    By 1 March 2013

    The Nissan Juke Acenta is, well, it's rather hard to describe without diving into a whole stock of synonyms for "unusual". Yes it has four wheels and vaguely resembles a five-door hatchback car-meets-SUV, but it's an unconventional design to say the least....

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    Nissan NV200 London taxi pictures and hands-on

    By 7 August 2012

    London's black cab drivers are known for being the best in the world. In the not so distant future, we may well see our knowledge-laden cabbies driving around in adapted Nissan NV200 vehicles, as the car company has unveiled its concept and vision for...

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    The cars of the 2011 Geneva motor show

    By 6 March 2011

    Pocket-lint's been at the international motor show in Geneva this week, where countless new production and concept cars have been unveiled. As car manufacturers increasingly use technology as a key selling point, we pick out some of the stand-out cars...

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    APP OF THE DAY: Juke Power-Up (Android)

    By 19 October 2010

    There are some apps you will download and keep forever. This app is neither of them but for more interesting reasons than you might think. The first is that it's total novelty and, for a bonus reason not to play it, it's also the app most likely to destroy...