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    Nike+ FuelBand SE review

    By 16 November 2013

    The new Nike+ FuelBand SE is the company's second version of the wearable wrist device that tracks your activity. The second-gen device promises to deliver a better and more precise experience than the 2012 original by introducing Sessions to cater for...

  • Apps

    APP OF THE DAY: Nike+ Running review (Android)

    By 16 July 2012

    If running is your thing and tracking your progress using your smartphone your preferred method, then there is no shortage of options open to you. Google Play is littered with apps that will track your progress, plot your route on a map, log your calories...

  • Sports Fitness

    Nike + Training pictures and hands-on

    By 9 July 2012

    The Nike + Training shoes are for those who don't play basketball. They are for the rest of us outside of the USA who want to get some stats on how they train, be it interval training, circuit training or whatever other training you're to get you fit....

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    Nike + Basketball pictures and hands-on

    By 9 July 2012

    Nike has announced the launch of its new Nike+ basketball boots in the UK, allowing British basketball players to measure stats as they play thanks to a bevy of sensors in the soles of the new shoes. Pocket-lint was on hand to try them out. The lightweight...