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  • Sports Fitness 4 out of 5

    Nike+ FuelBand SE review

    By 16 November 2013

    The new Nike+ FuelBand SE is the company's second version of the wearable wrist device that tracks your activity. The second-gen device promises to deliver a better and more precise experience than the 2012 original by introducing Sessions to cater for...

  • Sports Fitness

    Hands-on: Nike FuelBand SE review

    By 30 October 2013

    Nike has announced a new version of its FuelBand that brings with it several new features including hourly goals, sessions, and the ability to track your wrist movements more precisely, but is it any good and should you upgrade? We spent a morning with...

  • Sports Fitness 4 out of 5

    Nike+ FuelBand review

    By 16 March 2012

    Getting a little bit tubby? Feeling that you should be doing a little more walking and a little less sitting on the sofa watching television or video games? Nike believes it has the answer with the Nike+ FuelBand. But can a bracelet really get you off...

  • Sports Fitness

    Hands-on: Nike FuelBand review

    By 5 March 2012

    Not due out in the UK until April, Pocket-lint has spent the morning with the Nike FuelBand to get a chance to experience the new fitness accessory before we tuck into the gadget for a full review. The concept is simple. You wear a digital electronic...