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    MasterPass: make credit card payments at home by swiping on your NFC laptop, literally

    By 13 September 2013

    When it comes to paying for goods we're already big fans of touch-to-pay NFC, available on a range of credit and debit cards and a growing number of participating stores. One quick tap - assuming the bill is not more than £20 - and that's it, all paid...

  • Phones

    HTC BoomBass hands-on: Bringing bass to BoomSound

    By 3 September 2013

    Whether it's the front-facing speakers of the HTC One, or the tie-in with Beats Audio, HTC always prides itself on producing a good sound on its phones when it comes to listening to music. It's surprising then that we recently found ourselves in a private...

  • Phones

    Hands-on: Motorola Skip for Moto X review

    By 2 September 2013

    The Motorola Skip comes in two forms for the price of one: there's a belt-clip-like attachment and trio of dots included in the box - each designed to wake and unlock your Moto X with a single tap. Even if you already have a PIN, passcode or pattern set...

  • Audio 5 out of 5

    Sony SRS-BTX500 bluetooth speaker review

    By 24 July 2013

    Bluetooth speakers are the new headphones. We don't mean literally, and please don't start taking them on the bus with you, but they are an area where lots of companies see lots of chances to make money. And like headphones, these aren't £50 accessories...

  • Audio 4.5 out of 5

    Loewe Speaker 2go review

    By 22 July 2013

    Unless you have a fair wodge of cash to spend, there's a chance that you've never looked at Loewe. Except, perhaps, in passing fascination, the same way that you gawp at a passing Ferrari. Purveyors of high-end televisions, Loewe isn't short of innovation,...

  • Audio 5 out of 5

    Ultimate Ears UE Boom review

    By 8 July 2013

    Ultimate Ears - the company probably best known for its on-stage, in-ear monitors and more recent consumer headphones - has released its first Bluetooth speaker to the market: UE Boom. The near-cylindrical speaker looks the part thanks to its selection...

  • Audio 3.5 out of 5

    Beats Pill portable speaker review

    By 18 February 2013

    Beats is renowned for bringing the bass. The company's latest portable speaker, known as the Beats Pill because of its pill-shaped design, is a change of tack for the company in many respects. With four, 1-inch speakers arranged under its casing with 12W...

  • Audio

    Hands-on: Beats Pill review

    By 5 February 2013

    Beats by Dr Dre has become so much more than a brand associated with bass-thumping headphones in the last year or so. Perhaps it's the company's split from Monster that has seen it expand its remit, but it's working. Naturally, "the kids" and Premier...

  • Gadgets

    LG Pocket Photo Android NFC printer pictures and hands-on

    By 11 January 2013

    Brought out in Korea at the end of last year, it seems that the LG Pocket Photo - an Android-friendly portable printer with NFC capabilities - will be expanding out to other regions soon. In among the 4K UHDTVs and OLED displays on the LG stand at the...

  • Phones

    Visa payWave on the Samsung Galaxy S III pictures and hands-on

    By 18 July 2012

    Paying with your phone is the next big thing, but while many are talking about it, actually doing it is  still something that's fairly difficult to achieve at the moment. There are schemes and systems in place, like the Starbuck gift app or the Barclays...

  • Online

    Barclaycard PayBand at Wireless 2012: We test the 'cashless festival' concept

    By 7 July 2012

    The festival hardcore will know only too well the frustration of losing a fiver in the mud or accidentally leaving a bulging wallet in a stinky festival cubicle. Barclaycard hopes to put an end to all that. Back in May 2012 it announced its PayBand concept...

  • Phones

    Barclaycard PayTag adds contactless payment to any phone: pictures and hands-on

    By 19 April 2012

    Barclaycard has unveiled a new credit card that can add a contactless payment function to any phone, regardless of whether it is NFC-enabled or not. Called Barclaycard PayTag, the device is a small chip-filled Visa card with a sticky back that attaches...

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    Orange Cityzi NFC hands-on: Pocket-lint's pocket picked

    By 26 September 2011

    If you'd asked me a week ago about using a mobile phone to pay for goods and services, I'd have said that the technology was promising, but that persuading people to use it was likely to prove tricky. That was before I was robbed of all my real cash on...

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    NFC concept car hands-on

    By 21 February 2011

    A team up between Continental and NXP, has produced a concept car, shown at MWC this year, that showcased Near Field Communication (NFC) technology; highlighting how your mobile phone will enable you to interact with your car in new ways and ditch your...

  • Phones

    Samsung Wave 578 hands-on

    By 16 February 2011

    The Samsung Wave 578 was announced as one of the devices that Orange will be offering which packs in NFC. We tracked down the elusive little phone at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona.  In the hand the Samsung Wave 578 is reminiscent of entry-...