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    White Google Nexus S hands-on

    By 18 February 2011

    The world loves a shiny white smartphone and it seems that both Google and Vodafone are aware of this as together they bring the exclusive that is the white Google Nexus S Android phone. Rocking the Gingerbread version the open source mobile OS, the pretty...

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    Google Nexus S review

    By 14 December 2010

    Google has turned to Samsung for the next generation of Nexus device, this time known as the Google Nexus S. The “S” heritage plays it straight down the line as an evolution of the Samsung Galaxy S.  Lift the Nexus S from the box and two things strike...

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    First Look: Google Nexus S review

    By 9 December 2010

    The Google Nexus S is the second Google phone to hit the market, the first Android 2.3 device. It has been designed and built by Samsung, whereas its forebear, the Google Nexus One, came from HTC. The Nexus One quickly appeared in another form as the...

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    Google Nexus S hands-on

    By 9 December 2010

    We’ve got our hands on the Google Nexus S, made by Samsung, and thought it was only fair to bring you a gallery of the new Android 2.3 handset for your viewing pleasure.  It bears a resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy S, but has a gently curved screen...