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    APP OF THE DAY: Colors (Android)

    By 4 October 2011

    Sometimes it's the simplest Android apps that are the most impressive and few are as simple as today's App of the Day app review on Pocket-lint. One of the major advantages to using an Android smartphone is that you can customise and personalise to your...

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    Google Nexus One review

    By 25 February 2010

    Philip K Dick can rest happily in the knowledge that his legacy is safe. Despite complaints from his descendants, Google hasn't done anything to smear the Nexus One name, which it shares with the Androids in Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric...

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    First Look: HTC Desire review

    By 16 February 2010

    If you're thinking about getting a Google Nexus One, or are jealous of your mate that already has, then we've got some good news. The Nexus One has been trumped already, by this handset, the Nexus Two. It's not, of course, called the Nexus Two - that...

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    First Look: Google Nexus One review

    By 13 January 2010

    Another week another Android flagship. But what makes this better than all the rest, including its direct competition? We managed to get a hands-on with the handset following its launch in the US at the beginning of January. The Google Nexus One is...