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  • Laptops 3 out of 5

    Samsung NS310 review

    By 6 February 2012

    The rounded and colourful case of this sleek and shiny Samsung netbook makes it stand out from the pack, as do the backlit keyboard and light weight. But do the compromises Samsung has made to achieve the style and slenderness mean it's all flash and...

  • Laptops 3.5 out of 5

    Samsung Series 5 Chromebook review

    By 18 July 2011

    The idea of the laptop is that it is your mobile office. Everything that the computer at the desk offers you on the go, be it your files, the web, email, or more, repackaged in a handy portable parcel. That idea works when you can take those files with...

  • Laptops

    Fujitsu Lifebook TD40/D hands-on

    By 1 June 2011

    Prior to Intel's Computex presentation about its future plans for tablets and netbooks, Pocket-lint spotted that several new devices could already been seen at the the company's booth before hand. And one device that caught our eye was Fujitsu’s Lifebook...

  • Laptops 2 out of 5

    Asus Lamborghini Eee PC VX6 review

    By 30 May 2011

    Beautifully presented in Asus's signature black coffer, the VX6 is all dramatic angles and chrome inserts as it tries to bring the feel of Lamborghini design to what's essentially a high-end netbook. But is it a luxury sports car or a tricked out go-kart?...

  • Tablets

    Acer favours the Iconia Tab W500, we go hands-on

    By 25 March 2011

    Acer confirmed the details for its Iconia tablet range coming to the UK at a London press event on Thursday. Three devices will be coming to the UK: the Iconia Tab W500, the Iconia A500 and the Iconia A100. If you haven’t already guessed, the W or A...

  • Laptops 4.5 out of 5

    Apple MacBook Air 11-inch (2010) review

    By 2 March 2011

    The Apple MacBook Air 11-inch pushes into a new space for Apple, slotting between the existing (and refreshed) Air 13-inch, and above the iPad. It means Apple now has a compact and extremely portable format of computer: Apple had always said they wouldn’t...

  • Laptops 4 out of 5

    Toshiba NB550D-10G mini review

    By 28 February 2011

    One of the first notebooks with AMD's new “APU” - that's a CPU and discrete GPU combined into one - packed into the case of a netbook that's also crammed with extras like Harman Kardon speakers, the Toshiba NB550 mini is a bit different. Is it an...

  • Laptops 3.5 out of 5

    Dell Inspiron Duo review

    By 21 February 2011

    Screen-flipping, keyboard-packing, rugged yet stylish; with its rotating touchscreen, real keyboard and dual core Atom processor, the Inspiron Duo looks as if it ought to be the perfect combination of high-end netbook and tablet. Things start well, for...

  • Online 3.5 out of 5

    Asus Eee PC Seashell 1015PEM review

    By 14 February 2011

    The tapered matte black (or blue, or red or white) case of the Eee PC 1015PEM not only shows far fewer fingerprints than its glossy 1005PE predecessor; it also conceals an unusually feature-packed netbook, for much the same price. The dual-core Atom N550...

  • Laptops 3.5 out of 5

    Jolibook by Vye review

    By 10 February 2011

    What do you use your laptop for? While power users will claim that their laptop is their life, for most people it’s surfing the web, checking emails, and the odd bit of video watching. If you fall into that second category then you’ll probably be...

  • Laptops

    MeeGo for laptops hands-on

    By 16 January 2011

    Intel has shown off a MeeGo powered netbook, showing that it is planning on taking on Google and its Chrome OS when the new operating system from Google launches in the summer - hopefully. The new operating system shows what netbook and laptop users could...

  • Laptops 4 out of 5

    Samsung NF210 review

    By 17 December 2010

    The last year or so has seen the laptop market being flooded with a series of netbooks which are proving popular thanks to their compact designs and affordable prices. There may be a huge selection to choose from, but a great deal of the products are...

  • Laptops 4 out of 5

    Acer Aspire One D255 review

    By 7 December 2010

    The Acer Aspire One D255 serves up a new Intel Atom N550 processor, offering dual cores, as well as two operating systems – Windows 7 Starter and Android 2.2. We’re big fans of Android in mobile phones, but we’ve questioned Android on netbooks before...

  • Online 4 out of 5

    Acer Aspire One 533 review

    By 11 October 2010

    Acer has boosted its arsenal of affordable netbooks with an updated version of the Aspire One 532. The ultra-portable Aspire One 533 gets an improved processor with Intel's Atom N475 running at 1.66GHz while the faster DDR3 RAM also makes it stand out...

  • Laptops 4 out of 5

    MSI Wind U160 review

    By 13 August 2010

    The fervour surrounding netbooks seems to be abating, as tablets rear their heads and fight for the same space, a middle space, between the phone and the laptop proper. When we think of a netbook, the MSI Wind always comes to mind and here we see the...