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    Samsung Omnia HD - First Look review

    By 26 February 2009

    Samsung launched the Omnia HD phone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona promising to take movies on the go high-def, but can the phone deliver? We got watching to find out. Sporting a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen there is no getting around the fact that...

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    Nokia N86 - First Look review

    By 25 February 2009

    Nokia has finally, kicking and screaming, announced that it is to launch an 8-megapixel camera phone, the N86. But should you go Nokia over Samsung, Sony Ericsson or LG? We had a play with the new phone away from the MWC show floor to find out. Designed...

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    HTC Magic - First Look review

    By 24 February 2009

    Often referred to on the Internet as the G2, HTC has teamed up with Vodafone in the UK to announce the HTC Magic, an Android-based handset that ditches the slide-out QWERTY keyboard. But has this move worked? Is this the must-have handset to look forward...

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    Samsung M7600 Beat DJ - First Look review

    By 23 February 2009

    Whilst much of the mobile phone world has been going mad for smartphones and packing handsets with in more features that see the consumer edging its way into what was traditionally business territory, Samsung seem to have made a move to diversify. The...

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    LG KM900 Arena - First Look review

    By 19 February 2009

    One of the hot launches of Mobile World Congress was the LG KM900 Arena, the dinky full-touch device. As we spent a fair amount of time with this handset whilst on the ground at the show, we thought it only fair to share these experiences. Can it truly...

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    Sony Ericsson W995 - First Look review

    By 16 February 2009

    Sony has launched a new Walkman mobile phone at Mobile World Congress and Pocket-lint was on hand to give it a quick fumble. But is the phone all that it's cracked up to be and can it be the music phone for you? We grabbed a brief play to find out. Fairly...