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    Hands-on: Motorola Razr Ice Cream Sandwich review

    By 20 August 2012

    When the Razr came out at the end of last year, we maintained that it was a more exciting phone than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. That's mainly because the Razr is an impressive-looking device. It's rugged and stylish - we've dropped ours countless times,...

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    Motorola Razr Maxx review

    By 31 May 2012

    We have been using the Motorola Razr for quite a long time now. It's a phone that we've honestly fallen in love with. It's styling is unique and interesting, it's tough without looking like a builder's phone and it's been a sturdy and reliable companion....

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    Motorola RAZR review

    By 23 November 2011

    If nothing else, 2011 has been an exciting year for phones that aren't the iPhone. Android continues its evolution, new handsets are popping up all the time and many of them are stunning. Two of the biggest this year are the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and this,...

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    Motorola Smart Controller for RAZR pictures and hands-on

    By 20 October 2011

    Motorola like its accessories and we got the chance to play with some of them at the European launch of the new Motorola RAZR on Wednesday. One of the accessories that caught our eye was the new Smart Controller, which is a clever Bluetooth remote for...

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    Motorola RAZR pictures and hands-on

    By 19 October 2011

    The new Motorola RAZR has now been announced in Europe, shedding the Droid tag of its US brother, and Pocket-lint was on hand to put the new handset through its paces and bring you our first impressions. At only 7.1mm thick, if sophisticated materials...