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  • Phones

    Hands-on: Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One review

    By 16 May 2013

    If you're looking to extend the life of your smartphone, there aren't too many options. You can turn off all the features and basically not use it, or you can find an external battery source. Mophie is well known for its iPhone power cases and now you...

  • Phones

    Hands-on: Mophie Juice Pack Air review

    By 6 March 2013

    No matter how much battery a company can pack into a handset, a battery can still run out at an inconvenient time. That's where Mophie's new Juice Pack Air case steps in, offering a protective body in a light design, with a mix of charging power. Mophie...

  • Phones 3.5 out of 5

    Mophie helium for iPhone 5 review

    By 18 February 2013

    The Mophie helium for iPhone is a new dedicated juice pack for the iPhone, sitting snugly around the Apple smartphone and promising to deliver power when your phone starts to run low. We fitted the new exterior battery case to our iPhone 5 to see if it...

  • Cars 4.5 out of 5

    Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo review

    By 15 August 2012

    Oh my, what a name. It's hard to deny that Mophie has a penchant for the verbose when it comes to naming things. It's good then, that its devices are so solid, and have rescued us from some very deep holes in the past. The Powerstation Duo is the latest...

  • Phones 4 out of 5

    Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro review

    By 6 July 2012

    Portable power packs are nothing new. When the smartphone landed on the scene, people quickly realised that getting more than a working day out of their devices was going to be impossible. One of the first Android smartphones, for example, the HTC Magic,...

  • Gaming

    Mophie Pulse hands-on

    By 6 January 2011

    Mophie, the company that normally spends its time creating battery packs for the iPhone, has launched the Mophie Pulse - a gaming focused iPod touch case that brings haptic feedback and a better speaker system to the Apple device so gamers can immerse...

  • Tablets

    Mophie Workbook hands-on

    By 21 December 2010

    iPad cases are more common than the sight people slipping on their backsides on an icy high-street. So, for one to catch the beady eye of Pocket-lint it has to stand out from the crowd, and offer something a bit different. And that's exactly what the...

  • Phones 4 out of 5

    Mili Power Spring iPhone battery case review

    By 29 June 2010

    While the new iOS 4 update goes some way to fixing the battery on the iPhone 3GS you have to admit it's still not great. There are a number of solutions to solving this problem: one is to use your iPhone less than you currently do, it's not a practical...

  • Phones 4 out of 5

    MiLi Power Skin iPhone battery case review

    By 17 February 2010

    There are plenty of battery solutions for the iPhone, trying to answer a problem that we all know is true: how do you get around such an awful battery life? The latest contender, MiLi, believes it has the answer with the MiLi Power Skin that claims to...

  • Phones 4 out of 5

    Mophie juice pack air iPhone battery case review

    By 5 August 2009

    If you've got an iPhone you'll now that the battery is pretty awful, if you've got an iPhone 3GS then you'll know that it's even worse. So what are you to do? Well you could systematically go through the phone's settings and turn off all the features...