Microsoft Office 2013


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    Hands-on: Microsoft Office 2013 review

    By 17 July 2012

    Microsoft has announced Office 2013 - Office 15 if you are keeping track of the version numbers - ahead of the release date, as is de rigueur these days. This means mere mortals like you and us can download a consumer preview of the new offering ahead...

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    Microsoft OneNote for iPhone 1.2 hands-on

    By 26 July 2011

    OneNote for iPhone has finally reached the UK and marks the first time the Brits can officially use a Microsoft Office tool on an iOS device. Available for free (initially), it even improves upon the US edition (which has been out since January 2011),...

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    First Look: Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 review

    By 29 September 2010

    Apple will tell you that Office for Mac doesn’t need to exist, and for many, the iWork offering meets their needs. But for many Mac users, the familiarity of Microsoft Office gained in schools and the workplace is easy to cross over to the Mac - be...