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  • Panasonic confirms Sanyo takeover

    Panasonic confirms Sanyo takeover

    By 10 November 2008

    Following rumours that talks for a takeover deal were taking place, Panasonic has confirmed it plans to acquire its smaller tech rival Sanyo. Although the deal has been confirmed, the financial agreement has not. Analysts suggest the takeover could cost...

  • Online

    Microsoft gets antsy over Yahoo merger rumours

    By 20 October 2008

    Microsoft has issued a short, and we mean short, statement following yet more rumours that the company is still interested in buying Yahoo following the almost collapse of the Yahoo share price. In a statement just 18 words long, Microsoft says: "Our...

  • Symantec buy PC Tools

    Symantec buy PC Tools

    By 19 August 2008

    Symantec has announced that it is to acquire software maker PC Tools in a hope to gain even more control in the spyware and registry fixing software market. The company, famous for its Spyware Doctor and Registry Mechanic software is expected to become...

  • Google doubting billion dollar investment in AOL

    Google doubting billion dollar investment in AOL

    By 8 August 2008

    Google has said that the $1 billion investment in AOL might not have been such a good idea afterall. According to Reuters, the Mountain View-based company disclosed in a quarterly report filed late Thursday with the Securities and Exchange Commission...

  • Sony buys out BMG stake of record label

    Sony buys out BMG stake of record label

    By 6 August 2008

    Sony is buying Bertelsmann AG out of their 50-50 music venture Sony BMG for $900 million, giving the Japanese company full ownership. Analysts say the move will enable Sony to move more quickly as the number two player in the music industry, and will...

  • Yahoo Microsoft talks end

    Yahoo Microsoft talks end

    By 13 June 2008

    Yahoo has said that it has pulled out of talks with Microsoft yet again as it jumped into bed with Google signing a lucrative adverting deal with the Mountain View based company. In a busy day for the world of search, Yahoo issued a statement on Thursday...

  • SanDisk buys MusicGremlin

    SanDisk buys MusicGremlin

    By 10 June 2008

    SanDisk is likely to develop more connected music players in the future following the acquisition of a MusicGremlin on Tuesday. "MusicGremlin’s digital distribution platform and capabilities will provide SanDisk with adaptive and innovative technology...

  • TomTom gets EC okay to buy Tele Atlas

    TomTom gets EC okay to buy Tele Atlas

    By 14 May 2008

    TomTom and Tele Atlas have announce that they have received "unconditional clearance" from the European Commission for the proposed acquisition by TomTom of Tele Atlas. After an investigation, the Commission has concluded that the merger will not significantly...

  • Microsoft dumps Yahoo bid

    Microsoft dumps Yahoo bid

    By 4 May 2008

    Microsoft has announced it will withdraw its plans to buy Yahoo even though analysts believed it would launch a hostile takeover for the company. The software giant, who has been actively trying to buy the search engine over the past 3 months has cited...

  • Microsoft and Google go for Digg

    Microsoft and Google go for Digg

    By 10 March 2008

    Google and Microsoft are claimed to be going up against each other for the social media site, Digg. TechCrunch is reporting that Digg is working with influential investment bank Allen & Co. and has been pitching to big tech and media companies on a sale....

  • Microsoft buys Danger

    Microsoft buys Danger

    By 11 February 2008

    Microsoft has announced that announced that it will be buying software maker Danger at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The software company behind the Sidekick mobile phone, available on T-Mobile in the US and the UK, will become...

  • Nokia to acquire Trolltech

    Nokia to acquire Trolltech

    By 28 January 2008

    Nokia and Trolltech have announced that they have entered into an agreement that Nokia will make a public voluntary tender offer to acquire Trolltech, a Norwegian software provider. Nokia says the acquisition will enable it to speed up its cross-platform...

  • 2007: A year in review, April

    2007: A year in review, April

    By 27 December 2007

    The month started with a massive announcement for the music download industry. Apple and EMI announced DRM-free iTunes Plus offering copyright protection free music through Apple's iTunes music store. It meant for the first time, customers could buy tracks...

  • US regulators OK Google-DoubleClick merger

    US regulators OK Google-DoubleClick merger

    By 21 December 2007

    Google's DoubleClick buy-out has been given the official go ahead from America's competition regulator, the Federal Trade Commission. The £1.6 billion takeover, that took place earlier in the year, saw Google buy the rival online advertising company...

  • Garmin withdraws Tele Atlas bid

    Garmin withdraws Tele Atlas bid

    By 16 November 2007

    Garmin has withdrawn its $3.3 billion takeover bid for Dutch digital mapmaker Tele Atlas, clearing the way for rival TomTom, reports the AP. TomTom made the first takeover bid for Tele Atlas in July, but Garmin then topped TomTom's bid in an aggressive...

  • EC decides to investigate Google-DoubleClick deal

    EC decides to investigate Google-DoubleClick deal

    By 15 November 2007

    After a initial investigation, the EC has decided that there are enough concerns to need a full, in-depth look at the ramifications of the Google-Doubleclick deal, Ars Technica reports. If the $3.1 million deal for Google to buy the ad company goes through,...

  • Acer completes Gateway tender

    Acer completes Gateway tender

    By 16 October 2007

    Acer has announced its subsidiary company Galaxy Acquisition Corp has completed its tender offer for Gateway with 86% of Gateway stockholders approving the proposed purchase. J.T. Wang, Chairman and CEO of Acer stated, "I want to thank all of the teams...

  • Virgin Megastore to disappear from high street

    Virgin Megastore to disappear from high street

    By 18 September 2007

    The Virgin Megastore retail chain will rebrand itself later in the year following Sir Richard Branson's exit from the company. The new stores will be called Zavvi, after the Zavvi Entertainment Group that has bought the business. The Virgin brand will...

  • Acer buys Gateway PC

    Acer buys Gateway PC

    By 27 August 2007

    Acer has announced that it is to buy Gateway, the fourth largest PC company in the US. The deal, costing the Taiwanese laptop maker $710 million will create a company that is worth over $15 billion in revenues and shipments in excess of 20 million PC...

  • EA increases stake in Ubisoft

    EA increases stake in Ubisoft

    By 9 August 2007

    Electronic Arts has increased its stake in French Publisher Ubisoft fuelling a take-over bid might be imminent. Although the American games publisher has held a 20% stake in the French company since 2005, it has just raised its stake to 25%, giving it...

  • Vodafone keeps stake in Verizon

    Vodafone keeps stake in Verizon

    By 8 August 2007

    Vodafone has moved to quell rumours that it is exiting the US mobile phone market by announcing that it will not take advantage of its options to sell its 45% stake in US mobile phone operator Verizon Communications. The company has said that it has "decided...

  • Lenovo to buy Packard Bell

    Lenovo to buy Packard Bell

    By 8 August 2007

    Following reports last month that Acer was to buy flagging computer maker Packard Bell, Lenovo has now stepped into the frame in what could end up a bidding war. The world's third-largest maker of personal computers the Chinese company is in talks to...

  • Amazon invests in social music site

    Amazon invests in social music site

    By 6 August 2007 is continuing it shopping spree with the announcement that it has invested in AmieStreet, a social networking site that sells music tracks at prices dictated by their popularity, rather than a flat fee like Apple's iTunes store. The site, which...

  • Cisco to dump Linksys branding - UPDATE: Not

    Cisco to dump Linksys branding - UPDATE: Not

    By 27 July 2007

    Cisco is to kill off the Linksys name according to the company's CEO John Chambers. Talking to European press, Chambers confirmed the "end of life" of the Linksys name, currently a subbrand, which has until now been used for its consumer routers and networking...

  • Digg goes with Microsoft not Google for advertising

    Digg goes with Microsoft not Google for advertising

    By 26 July 2007

    Microsoft has beaten Google to the punch and signed an agreement to the be exclusive advertising partner for social media site The news will come as a massive boost to the Microsoft service. The 3-year agreement between Microsoft and Digg, which...