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    Maserati Alfieri Concept pictures and hands-on

    By 7 March 2014

    Maserati is 100 years old in 2014. So at this year's Geneva Motor Show the company presented itself with a self-proclaimed birthday present, the Alfieri concept car. Named after one of the original Maserati brothers, the 2+2 coupe concept is, so the company...

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    Maserati Ghibli pictures and hands-on

    By 25 April 2013

    Maserati is on a mission. Having played second fiddle to Ferrari in the posh Italian brand hierarchy for so long, it’s gone on a product offensive, the main aim of which is to make you pick one of its cars over a high-end Jag, BMW or Merc. Given that...

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    Maserati Quattroporte pictures and hands-on

    By 17 January 2013

    It may seem like the quintessential Italian big saloon car, but this new Quattroporte (sounds sexy, but in Italian it simply means "four door") has been redesigned primarily for China. You see the old car, svelte though it was, was a little cramped in...