LimeWire lives on....sort of

LimeWire lives on....sort of

By 9 November 2010

LimeWire, which was effectively closed down earlier this month after a US federal judge granted a request from the RIAA to shut the platform down, after being accused of mass piracy, has now been the victim of pirates itself. As Bart Simpson would say;... >>

Limewire loses in copyright case

Limewire loses in copyright case

By 13 May 2010

Limewire has lost its case with 13 major US record labels, in a lawsuit which originally began in 2006. Lime Wire LLC, the parent name for the P2P sharing software, and its founder Mark Gorton, were judged to have infringed upon copyright and engaged... >>

LimeWire opens online store with 500,000 songs

LimeWire opens online store with 500,000 songs

By 19 March 2008

They may have faced the wrath of the mighty music labels time and time again, but LimeWire just keeps going. The company has now opened a music store with around 500,000 DRM-free songs, but none of them are taken from the catalogues of major record labels.... >>

P2P software company LimeWire countersues recording industry body

By 26 September 2006

In an unprecedented step, LimeWire’s owner has hit back at the RIAA by countersuing it for trying to control how music files are distributed. The P2P company alleges that the recording industry’s US trade body’s objective is “to destroy any online... >>

LimeWire gets sued by record industry in the US

By 7 August 2006

The group of music companies has filed suit in the US against LimeWire, a P2P file-sharing software company. The record companies said they have issued warning repeatedly to LimeWire without receiving a suitable response. They’re seeking compensation... >>