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  • Brando offers light bulb-shaped flash drive

    Brando offers light bulb-shaped flash drive

    By 3 August 2009

    Yup. It's another daft memory solution from Brando. This time round you're looking at a flash drive shaped like a light bulb. Available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities, the drive boasts plug and play operation and the fact that it looks like a light bulb....

  • Sharp develops non-insect-attracting lightbulbs

    Sharp develops non-insect-attracting lightbulbs

    By 11 June 2009

    Sharp has developed new LED technology that'll allow you to control the colour of your lightbulbs via remote control. As a bonus, you'll be able to cut out the frequencies that attract insects. The 560-lumen Sharp DL-L60AV looks very similar to a traditional...

  • Daily Tech Deal: Buy one give one free on SUNNAN solar lamps

    Daily Tech Deal: Buy one give one free on SUNNAN solar lamps

    By 1 June 2009

    For today's tech deal we have a great idea from IKEA and UNICEF which may well help a little towards improving the quality of life of children in developing countries. For every SUNNAN solar powered lamp sold in IKEA stores worldwide, one lamp will be...

  • Fried egg light launches

    Fried egg light launches

    By 20 May 2009

    If you're looking for desktop illumination that's a little different, then Gadget4All will crack you up with this new effort. Shaped like a fried egg (and why not?) the little lamp is powered by three AA batteries and comes with a suction cup for positioning....

  • Mathmos Wind Light launches

    Mathmos Wind Light launches

    By 30 April 2009

    Firebox is offering some green lighting for your garden - available in red or blue - if you get our meaning. With 6cm propellers, the Mathmos Wind Light uses the breeze to power the built-in red or blue LEDs. There are no batteries required, just stick...

  • Switch off for Earth Hour

    Switch off for Earth Hour

    By 28 March 2009

    Today, Saturday 28 March 2009, at 8.30pm, people, businesses and iconic buildings around the world will switch off their lights for an hour - "Earth Hour". In the UK the initiative is being headed up by the WWF, that is asking people to take part in order...

  • Recycled circuit board lamp available

    Recycled circuit board lamp available

    By 26 March 2009

    The is currently offering this funky table lamp made from recycled circuit boards. Made by the wittily named Fulham-based "Electrickery" it measures 190mm high. With the advice that designs may vary, it's on sale now for £19.95...

  • Daily Tech Deal: Philips LivingColors lamp

    Daily Tech Deal: Philips LivingColors lamp

    By 24 March 2009

    Today's tech deal could be the answer to all your household lighting woes. It takes the form of the Philips LivingColors LED lamp range, available from for £79.99 reduced from its £100 original price. In a nutshell these gadgets have...

  • German towns deploy phone-activated street lights

    German towns deploy phone-activated street lights

    By 23 February 2009

    Small towns in Germany are offering an interesting solution to saving money and energy when it comes to street lighting. The 900 residents of Morgenrothe-Rautenkranz enjoy a street lights on-demand service that saves the town around 4000 euros a year,...

  • USB flashing blue light launches

    USB flashing blue light launches

    By 19 February 2009

    Alert others to your cubicle crisis with this flashing blue light, available now from Gadget4All, where it's curiously dubbed a "traffic prompter". Powered by USB (or AA batteries) the 110mm tall light will add a suitable sense of gravitas to any emergency,...

  • Altec Lansing launches Moondance GLOW

    Altec Lansing launches Moondance GLOW

    By 10 February 2009

    Altec Lansing has announced the UK launch of its "Moondance GLOW" speaker system. Described as a high performance iPod music device, the Moondance GLOW is a compact audio system-plus-alarm clock that features a wireless snooze remote and mood lighting....

  • USB plasma heart launches

    USB plasma heart launches

    By 5 February 2009

    Brando promises the "USB plasma heart" will create a "unique and fun" environment on your desk or workstation. A bit like a Van der Graff generator for lovers, the pink flashes from the centre will "move to greet your fingertips" as you touch it. It's...

  • Boffins invent new super light bulb

    Boffins invent new super light bulb

    By 29 January 2009

    A new type of light bulb is due to launch that promises to be even more eco-friendly than current offerings. Said to be three times more energy efficient and able to cut lighting bills by as much as 75%, the new bulbs offer 100,000 hours use and can be...

  • Brits "panic buying" light bulbs

    Brits "panic buying" light bulbs

    By 7 January 2009

    It's being reported that shop shelves are being emptied of traditional light bulbs as UK consumers stock up. The incandescent 100W bulbs are do be replaced by greener, low-energy alternatives as part of an EU agreement that Britain signed up to in order...

  • Lightsaber torch launches

    Lightsaber torch launches

    By 18 November 2008

    A full-sized replica of a lightsaber, this torch even makes the trademark "pshwooohhh" noise when you turn it on and off. Emitting a suitably Jedi-ish blue light from its ultra bright LEDs and powered by three AAA batteries, the torch is on sale now from...

  • Twilight Turtle launches

    Twilight Turtle launches

    By 17 November 2008

    Firebox is offering the "Twilight Turtle" for little ones that acts as a night light with a twist - the twinkling stars it projects includes eight genuine constellations. Complete with a star guide, the mini projector runs on three AAA batteries, can...

  • Floodlamp launches

    Floodlamp launches

    By 12 November 2008

    Sports fans might like this new desk lamp from Firebox that's fashioned after flood lights. Measuring around 50cm tall, it has an aluminium finish, swivel head and will light up with 6 x 40W bulbs. It's £60, on sale now.

  • Art Lebedev redesigns the zebra crossing

    Art Lebedev redesigns the zebra crossing

    By 12 November 2008

    The Art Lebedev Studio has turned its design attentions to the zebra crossing, with the idea to improve the current concept by double marking the safe spot with "illuminated stripes" above the road. As well as improve visibility for drivers to see people...

  • USB aroma diffuser candle launches

    USB aroma diffuser candle launches

    By 11 November 2008

    Brando's USB aroma diffuser takes fragrance oils to "aromatize" your home or office while the LED candle simulates a real candle's flicker and glow, but without any of that scary, nasty naked flame fire risk. $25, available now.

  • Kindle gets periscope light accessory

    Kindle gets periscope light accessory

    By 10 November 2008

    Perhaps signifying the device's popularity in the US, a book light company has launched a version of its Periscope range for the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. The "Periscope Lighted Folio for Kindle" is a Kindle cover that also features a built-in retractable...

  • Glass of milk light launches

    Glass of milk light launches

    By 16 October 2008

    You musn't ask yourself "why?" this battery-powered night-light is designed to look like a glass of milk. In today's kerazy gadget world, it's more appropriate to ask "why not?" It's $14, available now.

  • USB flower lamp launches

    USB flower lamp launches

    By 10 October 2008

    This $15 floral effort has eight bright LEDs to lighten up your desk space in a cute, plastic-y way. Available now.

  • Block lamp launches

    Block lamp launches

    By 15 September 2008

    This desk light slash storage unit is a LEGO-esque lighting addition for your office. The set consists out of the light block at the bottom and the storage block on top, measuring 10 x 15 x 6cm, on sale for 45 euros.

  • USB lamp and speakers combo launches

    USB lamp and speakers combo launches

    By 4 September 2008

    Not just a desk light with 9 bright LEDs, this combo gadget is also a speaker. All that multi-tasking goodness for just $22.50? Wowsers.

  • Sanyo extends Eneloop range in Japan

    Sanyo extends Eneloop range in Japan

    By 2 September 2008

    Sanyo has extended its green Eneloop range in Japan with the launch of a plethora of new products. There's the new Eneloop solar light equipped with a USB power port, the Eneloop soft warmer with a rechargeable battery that works as a "small electrical...