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    LG goes official with the T-Mobile G2x, we go hands on

    By 22 March 2011

    We knew it was coming as we spied LG's CTIA stand being set up and now it's official. Yep, that's right the LG Optimus 2X has landed in the US of A, under T-Mobile's banner and sporting the name G2x. The G2x, is like for like of its Optimus 2X brother,...

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    LG Optimus 2X review

    By 4 February 2011

    The LG Optimus 2X sees the Korean company mount an assault on the high-end of Android mobile phones. It sits on Nvidia’s brand-spanking new Tegra 2 chipset, which is not only dual core, but promises mobile graphics handling not previously seen. The...

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    First Look: LG Optimus 2X review

    By 13 January 2011

    The LG Optimus 2X sees a slight change of direction for LG’s Android line and one that we welcome. The Optimus, the Optimus One and the LG InTouch Max (GW620) were all mid-range in their approach, whereas the Optimus 2X is the very definition of high-end....

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    LG Optimus 2X hands-on

    By 6 January 2011

    LG's Optimus 2X handset is the world's first mobile to feature a dual-core processor, so we were very keen to get a close look at what it can do. The handset is powered by a Nvidia Tegra 2 (NP2H) 1Ghz processor, which makes it very speedy in operation....