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    LG G Flex review

    By 12 February 2014

    LG is the company of bendy screens, epitomised by the LG G Flex smartphone. While Samsung is pursuing the same goal, it is not quite at the same level. Honestly have very mixed feelings about the whole flexible screen thing. In TVs we're quite sure curved...

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    Hands-on video: LG G Flex

    By 6 February 2014

    We got our review sample of the all-new G Flex, and wanted to throw it in a video as soon as possible, because it’s an exciting handset. So here, for your enjoyment, is our first look at the G Flex. What are we thinking so far. Well, first, the battery...

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    Hands-on: LG G Flex review

    By 19 December 2013

    The LG G Flex is the company's first curved-display device, capturing an emerging trend that's only really seen one rival, in Samsung's Galaxy Round. Launched in Korea in October, EE has confirmed that it will be selling the G Flex in the UK. We caught...