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LG GW520  review
3 out of 5

LG GW520 review

By 22 September 2009

The LG GW520 takes the company's popular KS360 style, updates it and adds some hardware beef to the package. But in a time when mobile phones are moving so fast, is this enough of an evolution over the smaller 2G sibling? The GW520 has distinctive LG... >>

LG GW520 mobile phone

LG GW520 mobile phone

By 9 September 2009

Having been impressed with what the LG KS360 had on offer, we were keen to get our hands on the new GW520, promised at Mobile World Congress earlier in the year. The HSDPA-packing QWERTY slider brings a little more oomph to the data party. With a touch-enabled... >>

LG announces GW520 and GT505 phones

LG announces GW520 and GT505 phones

By 29 May 2009

LG has announced the launch of two handsets oriented around social networking - the GW520 and GT505. Both of them "enable consumers to be at the heart of their online communities anytime", claims the company. The handsets support "push" social networking... >>